September 21, 2021


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Creativity: Meet the Woman who can fry eggs without Oil.

Meet the Woman who can fry eggs without Oil.

TEC News


Recently, TEC NEWS team picked interest in a woman who can fry eggs without Oil. Pst Mrs Esther Da-Silva who lives in Nasarawa State Nigeria says she invented that when she realized that oil is becoming a challenge to certain people. In her words, she said

“there are ulcer patients who are told to stay away from anything fried with oil. i am really not a doctor so i am not sure how true but i know it could be needful to find a way around it to help those who might still love fried things if oil can be avoided. So, i remember a solution i could consider to achieve frying eggs without any form of oil and i got it”.

Pst Mrs Esther who runs an outfit known as RECONS FOOD AND CONFECTIONERIES and a Proprietress of a Private School cooks any type of food and bakes snacks and other things many would love. When we asked some of the beneficiaries of her productions, it was said that she is a great cook and you cant eat her food (swallow and others) without leaking your fingers. Her rice would make you ask for more. The taste of her meat or sea food would last in your mouth until you eat another food. Some of the Churches and Associations she has cooked for commented to affirm the testimonies of others.

Mrs Esther, CEO, RECONS FOOD AND CONFECTIONERIES cooks for Occasion, Individuals or Corporate Organizations. They offer Services to Bachelors, Spinsters and even married people that have no time to cook either Food or Soup. They can take order from any client from any part of the countries of the world and has office in Nasarawa and Abuja. RECONS FOOD can be contacted on 08037850024, 08069541345. You can send your request or order to