September 21, 2021


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A surprise at a Ministers Conference

Girgir I Girgir

An amazing surprise stirred the people in the face at the just concluded Gospel Ministers Conference in Kwali Area of FCT on Saturday 14th March, 2020 when the organizers did the unthinkable.

Gospel Ministers from Yangoji, Sheda, Kwali and its environs started the 4 days program on Thursday 12th March with a Crusade at Assemblies of God Church in Yangoji and another crusade at Foursquare Gospel Church, Big Sheda before the Ministers Conference at Rhema Hospital, Kwali from 9am till about 3.30pm on Saturday 14th, March, 2020.

The guest speaker in the Ministers Conference spoke on THE TRIUMPHANT CHURCH which he described not a church that follow the dictates of the world but that does the will of God.

Pst Andy Modgridge who pastors with The Christian Brethren Church Lagos said in his word some shocking acts of some today’s church where a lot of things take place such as having Gay Pastors everywhere with some popular pastors accepting to preach and join the couple in such a detestable event. He said in today church, even some pastors get involve in sexual immoralities and does a lot in the name of power and miracle.

Pst Andy gave video clips on how immorality has displayed people and provoked God’s anger in the past and God is still the same today with standard unchanging. In his own words, he said

“The Triumphant Church is not the one with so much prosperity as it is been noised today but the life that has victory over Sin and Flesh. He told the ministers that there are responsibilities attached to tittles. He informed the ministers the need to embraced all the ministries and gifts made available by God because they are all important. A Prophet is not above any but simply doing his job like others are doing theirs. A pastor is as important as an evangelist etc.

“When it comes to Souls, Teachers cant teach them if the Evangelist don’t raise them” – Pst Andy Modgridge.

Pst Andy warned ministers and said “immorality provokes God to destroy faster than any other sin”.

In the same conference,

Mrs Ucheka Akanimo spoke to ministers to do more in the training of the children. He admonished them and Sunday school teachers to teach morals and live by examples. He alerted the participants on the dangers around over the young ones ranging from cultism, ‘marlianism’, peer pressure and reminded them that the bible says our children are to stand at the gate to answer the enemy but what would the say to the enemies if they are not properly taught or groomed.

The convener of the program, Evangelist Victor Aina who ensured an interpreter to the indigenes was secured and kept aside to allow everyone access to the message reminded the church on the need to focus attention on the word of God in this present age where a lot of unacceptable things are happening where pastors are been lured into doing the unthinkable in the name of power, miracle and crowed.

Apst Da-Silva who led the Ministers in Prayers raised sensitive and thought provoking prayers that set the ministers on fire.

The program was in collaboration with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Kwali, Abuja headed by Pst Leonard Ameh of Hope for Mankind Church, Yangoji who was seeing coordinating the program.

Participants were seen excited and appreciating the organizer of the program and pleaded that it continues.