September 21, 2021


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If you are young, you need to read this!

Girgir I Girgir


Amidst the challenges facing the world and our country include the issue of morality. The youth are usually in the heat of the matter where they are faced with trending negative fashion styles, dance, acts etc. Some of these things have turned even some of our good youths to bad. Some are changing from the responsible youth to an irresponsible one gradually and it appears these negative trends are considered normal.

Victor Aina all the way from Lagos has taken the pain to gather The youth on Sunday 15th March, 2020 from 1pm prompt, in the Town Hall of Kwali in the Federal Capital Territory to counsel the youth and sensitize them against this epidemic ravaging the youth.

In his message to the youth, the Evangelist who has been doing this for years now spoke on the need for youth to be or come back on the right track of Value. He gave example of few things destroying the youth gradually such as Social Media, immoral dressing that reveals the sensitive parts of their God given bodies, immoral songs or dance steps, Sex etc. He also spoke on the need to avoid hard drugs and peer pressure forcing them into the abnormals. He gave examples of those who describes themselves as ‘Marlians’ with lots of attributes that defines them which are totally against morals.
The Youths were told to check what they value and stand for values. Value would take them further, higher and faster than irresponsible things that would make them irresponsible and destroy their future.

Evangelist Victor alerted Parent and guardians to train up their Children and discipline them when they err as well as telling the children to accept discipline as a proof of love.
Pst Andy Modgridge of The Christian Brethren Church Lagos admonished the youth and made them know they have the power to chose to be responsible and ‘impactful’ in life or to become the opposite but advised them to go for the former. He prayed and blessed them against any form of devilish moves against them and committed them to God.

The youth conference which rounded up a 4 day meetings with Crusades in Yangoji, Big Sheda, Ministers Conference in Kwali

and The Youth Conference ended with everyone been served free food and drinks with copies of books to help them read further just like the Kwali Ministers Conference.

Many of the youth responded to the call to be committed to a life of Godliness and values.

The Christian Brethren Church has been busy doing this for years everywhere in Nigeria and all over African Countries.