October 24, 2021


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It was like a bomb thrown on Sunday 22nd March, 2020 in one of the new Churches In Abuja when the Preacher said that the Coronal Virus is not the last pandemic the world would face. The Congregants of Word for World Ministries heard their Presiding Apostle said another pandemic worse than Corona Virus is still on its way. In his own word, Apostle Da-Silva Johnson said;

“The earth would still see a worse pandemic than that of Corona Virus. Another pandemic will come where flesh will be peeling off and dropping while the victim is still alive”.


He further advised the Church to come closer to God in the midst of this crisis. It is good the way ministers of the gospel are cancelling the Corona Virus back to hell where it came from but the fear gripping the world about the disease is the benefit of the disease to the kingdom of God because its a sign and a warning for the church to start living right. Its like a disciplinary cane in the hand of the father to make a Son behave. God is allowing this virus and using it as a cane to warn the entire world and make His Children behave.

Apostle Da-Silva Johnson, a ferocious and energetic preacher who is known as a Prophetic man of God and a Revivalist who also prophesied on 31st December, 2019 that year 2020 is a serious year with more dangerous events to take place including a new disease issue said, it is all part of end time package as it is written in the word of God referring to Matt 28.12-15. He said it is time to preach the kingdom message and pray. Most importantly, it is time to be sure of Salvation and be closer to God, correcting all errors and preparing for the rapture in other to escape the tribulations ahead.

The Church located at Dagiri, Gwagwalada, Abuja closed the Service with the Pastor’s prayers for the children and members for preservation and grace to help them through while the sick were healed through prayers and the grace of God.