October 25, 2021


The Expozer Communications is a News Media and Advertising Agency with excellence Service Delivery. We cover events, ceremonies, worship/Seminar, religious or Educational programs to publicise the stakeholders, products and also generate news for onward transmission either on Social Media, Print, Radio, Television etc.




The Expozer Communications is given opportunity to writers who are interested in becoming a columnist in any areas of choice be it Education, Science, Religion, Culture, Gender, Health, Life style, hospitality etc. Interested persons are to officially send via email an application for slot to admin@theexpozermedia.com.ng . The application should capture the full name, location, contact, social media accounts indicating an area of interest and the brief history of activities and profile in the chosen field. Application should also indicate interested days or weeks for publication and other necessary details.

Note that anyone who is not sure of consistency once started should not bother to apply. Sex, Tribe, Marital Status and etc are inconsequential in our selections and screening of applications. Once our conditions are fulfilled and policies respected, approval would be granted and posts would begin. TEC has no plan to pay any columnist for now but might be considered in the future but there are other gestures and benefits to be enjoyed by our Columnists as we relate together.

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29th March, 2020.