October 25, 2021


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Da-Silva Johnson

There are situations where a lock down becomes enforced as necessary. Most times, it is for the safety of the people within the geographical location with considerations to a prevailing situation, where there is an eruption of an Epidemic or a Pandemic, a lock down might be necessitated as a temporary remedy in other to prevent a spread of such diseases or a virus.

A lock down is usually an unwanted or unpalatable situation that is not really friendly with living things especially humans. Naturally, all living things enjoy movement. It is one of its characteristic. This the reason you commonly see pets and other animals including wild animal crossing the roads most times not because of hunting or a search for food but just because the nature of living things abhor non-movement.

Under a lock down, there is usually boredom, loneliness, anxiety etc which can lead to irritation, depression and others. But it can equally lead to other nice things if properly maximized. Let’s share together great things you can activate under a lock down either partial or total in other to maximize the situation.

  1. Accept the reality. If you want to maximize the time and season of lock down, the first thing to do is to accept the reality of the situation. Know it is not favorable to anyone including the law makers and the safety of all is the basic reasons. It might look unbelievable but accept it has come to be.
  2. Appreciate the ultimate reason for the lock down. Do not put your mind in sentiments or castigating leadership or government for the new decision. See the reasons given officially above other sentiments.
  3. Know it is a temporary situation. A lock down cannot be permanent but always temporary.
  4. Locate a place, town or City you know you will fare better during the period of announcement of the lock down.
  5. Consider the possibility of extension as you plan. The date announced by the Government might be extended depending on progress situation.
  6. Organize yourself as you set out and even if you are staying where you are for the lock down.
  7. Stock up with essential things such as Food, etc. Get set for Data and Credit call purchases and make sure cash is available and be economical in your spending. Find help through loans if you are short of cash.
  8. Consider working from home. There are many works you can do from home if you search the internet.
  9. Sort. There are lots of things you can sort out this period. Sort out your cloths, books, etc.
  10. Rest. Do not just relax and be motionless. Try and sleep well.

11. Learn. It is time you should be curious to learn new things. You can start from your phone because there many features in your phone you might need to find out. You will thank me later.

12. Help out. Help your spouse do one thing or the other. Be relevant to cook, wash or just help to arrange things up. He or she would appreciate you better and later too.

13. Think. Time to sit down and think positively. New ideas, vision and inspirations would flow easily through your mind now.

14. Read. Read books, articles and journals. Read good materials in line with your career and interest. Broaden your horizon.

15. Plan. Use this period to plan your life henceforth. This period would open your eyes to certain things be it errors, limitations, etc. Short time or Long time plan can be ironed out now.

16. Watch. There are films, soap opera and other interesting materials that can help you relax and you would be educated or entertained at last.

17. Study. Revisit your discipline and review your books or handouts. Solve some problems and give yourself some test questions to answer. It would make you better later. You can also study the bible and you will also see this present situation in the pages of your bible. Check Dan 9, Rev 13, 14, Also Matthew 24. etc.

18. Worship. God is the supreme. You can use this season to worship Him more regularly.

19. Pray. Communicate with God in prayer. No excuse now not to pray.

20. Play. There are couples of games you can play. There are certain plays that are safe to do with your immediate family members. Play with spouse especially and display your romantic skill.

21. Dance. Dance to Music and just make yourself happy.

22. Share. Time to share a thoughts, idea, food, time etc with those within your household, while the social distant law is still maintained.

23. Write. Put your ideas down, write a book, handbook etc.

24. Relate. You might be under a lock down situation but you have relationship to maintain. Call, text, use social media to reach out to your closed relatives, colleagues, friends, etc.

25. Develop. Do something creative or very helpful. You can now build a house for your pets, security etc if you are skilled in that area and within your compound.

26. Cook. Learn and cook good meals for yourself and family.

27. Exercise. Do not just stress your body by sitting all days. Exercise yourself morning and evening. Walk around your compound if you do not have the machine that can aid you. Jug in one place. Just help your body and blood flow regularly.

28. Clean. It time to clear all the dirt hiding in your room and that of the children’s rooms, the store, kitchen, car garage, frontage, backyard etc that have not been getting your attention due to your daily schedules.

29. Research. Concentrate on researching. Find out things to acquire new knowledge etc.

30. Repair. It is time to fix the light, the packed generator, children bicycles, roof etc.

31. Document. You might not be a Diary person but there are certain things you were supposed to have documented but couldn’t due to been busy or tired always, it time to revisit such and document properly. Remember to file all your receipts, utility bills, medical records etc.

32. Create. Make things happen if you can and care. Create an extra space in the house for storage etc, a board to keep minor things, a passage if need be etc.

There are more you can do but we have to stop here. Maximize the time and you will benefit more than you think you would lose under a lock down situation.

The author, Da-Silva Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Human Enhancement Institute and Senior Editor of The Expozer Communications. He speaks in conferences and a capacity building trainer. Contact: 08037850024.