October 25, 2021


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TEC News

While the world is seeking solution to the COVID-19 and searching or developing the vaccine that can heal the deadly coronavirus, the solution to it is not far fetched but somehow hidden from the surface.

The Presiding Apostle of Word for World Ministry based in Nigeria, Apostle Da – Silva Johnson, told TEC News that vaccines and total lockdown of the Nations or States were not the only solutions. He, however, said there were hidden solutions better and faster if unveiled and maximized.

The Apostle said the hidden solutions were the ministers of God who had somehow been locked off and appeared not to realised that the solution lies in them.

He commended the efforts of the Government by taking every possible measure to curtail the deadly virus with the lockdown order and ongoing sensitisation on how the virus can be avoided or combatted.

However, he said the government should have called the clergies together early enough from the beginning to advise them to approach God in prayer on the possible solutions.

“It is not enough to order a lockdown of churches and mosques but telling them to reduce services or meetings to just once a week for now but maintain all the necessary precautional measures such as disinfectants, social distance, reduce crowd to minimal numbers such as 10,000 capacity can be reduced to 1,000 and 1,000 can be reduced to 100 while 100 is reduced to 50 and even 50 reduced to 20 using size of auditorium in capacity to determine numbers. In addition, 30 per cent of worshipers can be averagely approved to make things easy, ” said the clergy.

He, however said the main people to shouldered the responsibility of the CORONAVIRUS solutions were the ministers who failed to come out.

He further said that “Churches have been holding meetings. Power and healing programmes being anchored by many ministers and ministries with outstanding testimonies that sometimes sounds unbelievable. Blind eyes opening, deaf ears hearing, dead rising, those on crutches and wheel chairs are standing up, walking and jumping.

“Where is the power now that we are faced with a virus? God is still alive and can still do much more but everyone is hiding. No one wants to talk like Daniel who asked the king who ordered that astrologers be killed if they won’t solve the problem of the dream he had. Daniel was bold enough to approach the king and asked for three days to solve the problem which had become a national problem. He went in, called Shedrack, Meshak and Abednego and declared vigils. He got the answer that very night. The answer and solutions to this deadly virus lies in the tongues of ministers of God. There are people with massive anointing to end the virus and heal the infected.

“I respect our fathers like Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa. He can’t be alive today and not talk to the government about it. Corona virus can vanish. Those affected can be healed. But the men God would have used are hiding. Who would come out”.

Apostle Da-Silva Johnson said passionately that he was optimistic and very certain that the body of Christ would rise to the occasion by praying and intervening to make government honour the power of God and deliver them from confusion while the entire world are set free from panic, torment, losses and death.

He said, even when the government would not allow a gathering or an access to quarantine centers or treatment locations, the anointed and courageous can still access the people.

The Apostle further added that stretching the hands towards sick people and locations could produce healing. Passing in front, side or back of a hospital or mortuary can trigger a revival. If our leaders who have access to presidency can tell the president to give Christians leaders just seven days to end the virus and thereafter call on the other ministers and believers nationwide to seek God’s face, informing all that our lives and the running of our churches during the Pandemic depends on it, you can imagine the kind of prayers that would rise from Christian homes all over the country .

“Once result is obtained which I know would, even the government would know that the treatment of the Church should not be the same with the world system. Corona virus solution lies in the tongues of men of God