October 25, 2021


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Pastor defends President Buhari on Palliative, others.

TEC News

Amidst the controversies surrounding the issue of palliatives for Nigerians to cushion the effect of ‘sit at home’ order of the Federal Government in three states of the federation and the measures put in place by state governments to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria, a pastor has defended the presidency on the issue and few others.

Apostle DaSilva Johnson of the Word for World Ministry made his submission in an interview with TEC News on Sunday after his usual online broadcast since the lock down order in Abuja.

Apostle Johnson who announced to his congregation and pastors in their branches to suspend the collection of offerings in the normal way, explain that only those who really have to give are encouraged to do so via necessary means while those who have not should not bother given at this time but pray that God would sustain everyone this season.

On palliative, the Apostle in response to all the information flying on the social media alleging that the presidency will be giving palliative to only the poor of the poorest or 5,000 – 20,000 to each Nigerian with less than 5,000 in their accounts, said it wasa blatant lie that such order could not come from the president.

“I believe it is all lies and mere rumour because I do not believe that President Muhammadu Buhari can actually do that. I believe he is a kind hearted man than what people were portraying him to be. First, who are the poor of the poorest. He himself said it in 2015 and repeated himself in 2020 that Nigerians should be ready for a hard time but assured “it is a sacrifice that would pay off if we can endure.

” So he knew that most Nigerians had been suffering and broke since 2015. Only very few people are rich. The businessman is running his business through his nose.

“Others are barely coping while they still have enough responsibilities that are choking some of them. No power supply in spite outrageous bills. No roads etc. How can you now identify poor of the poorest and leave others? It is not true.

“Even the issue of using less than N5,000 account balance to pay stipends to Nigerians is unbelievable. I cannot accept it. The president cannot do that. Some that have N300,000 and less before the lockdown might be having around N50,000 now, if you cut them off, how would they start their recovery journey while there are more to be spent as lockdown continues. Moreover, someone can have N20,000 in the account but might not really have a dime as his own. In fact, such a person might be in debt already. Lockdown might force someone use part of the money that does not belong to him or her but kept in his custody. If you jump such a person with palliative simply because he or she has more than N5,000 in the account, it would be unfair. So, I believe it is untrue about the presidency. The team members of Mr President are also more intelligent and human than that propaganda”.

He however advised the President and his advisers to quickly consider the plight of Nigerians over the lockdown by providing necessary support that would help ‘stay at home’ effective and the spread of the deadly virus would be contained. He lamented that people were hungry and said he saw someone picking ‘akpu’ from the dustbin meaning some Nigerians are eating from the refuse dump.

“If the government can use the BVN and credit every Nigerian above 18years only with N5000 per week, it would go a long way. Those who are married or single parents can be supported with N10,000 per week. The politicians and strong business tycoons who had contributed earlier can be excused from the Palliatives while those who are comfortable can be told to not to partake from the Palliatives”.

“As a matter of fact, telephone lines can be declared opened for any Nigerian who cannot feed to call while the local government respond and other measures that can be put in place”.

“Several other measures can be considered together with our economists in taking a critical look at the issue but no average or poor Nigerian should be neglected” . We are too a beautiful people and country with enough wealth to expose our citizens to impoverish conditions giving opportunity to other nations to exploit our people due to hunger and starvations, he said.

Apostle Da-Silva who is known to be interested in government policies over the years advised all Nigerians to keep praying for the President and his team. He equally condole with the presidency over the lost of the Chief of Staff, Abbah Kyari who was laid to rest on Saturday, April 18

He advised all clergies and true believers to rise to the occasion now because the time is here to look beyond tribe, sex and religion but to be a blessing by being supportive in any way possible.