October 25, 2021


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Child’s Right Education needs attention, School Feeding Program not needed – Activist tells Government

Child’s Right Education needs attention, School Feeding Program not needes – Activist tells Government.


An Abuja based Child’s Right Activist, Comrade Ugo Philips, has urged governments at all levels to rise up and ensure that the rights of children in the country are protected.

Philips made the call in an interview at a special programme platform called ‘IMPACT’ with The Expozer Communication (TEC) News on Friday in Abuja.

Philips, who is the founder of Eagles Hope for Mothers and Child Care Foundation and the founder of Nigerian Child’s Right Education and Advocacy Club with lots of children as members where their rights are been taught and how to be responsible in the society expressed concern that the rights of children were daily abused with the increase in the rate of crime against them.

He lamented that children went through untold hardship and suffering without anyone to defend or help them.

He said that many under-aged children were used as child labour at home and abroad, sex workers, and child soldiers by the militants, streets hawkers, beggars for their parents among others.

Philips said that many a times those in authorities do not help matter as they don’t often rise to the need of these helpless children.

The activist said that every child has the right to education and it is the responsibility of the government to provide such for each child

He stressed the need to invest in the future of the children by investing in the education sector to provide quality education for them.

He urged the politicians, lawmakers, policy makers and other stakeholders to make sure that the rights of children are given priority.

“Many politicians are just busy looting the treasure of the country instead of investing into the education of the younger ones in other to give them a future”.

The right activist who condemned the School Feeding Programme of the government said that it did not have meaningful impact in the life of the children.

Philip, who described the programme as a waste of nation’s resources as it served as a readily tool to siphon government money, said the programme was not what the children needed at this moment.

He said the same funds used for the programme could be used to care for the schools and purchase books that could help the children learn properly. The comrade who said Vulnerable Children means there are Vulnerable Parents as well who needs to be empowered enough to cater for their wards instead of feeding the kids once a day and disappearing till the next day. “Nigerian families deserve more than that”, he added.