October 25, 2021


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The management of Human Enhancement Institute (HEI) in partnership with THE EXPOZER COMMUNICATIONS on 11th May, 2020 rolled out an e-classroom in Abuja.

The CEO of ‘TEC’ who also double as the CEO for ‘HEI’ used the opputunity of running the two organizations which HEI as an NGO based decided to ensure a collaboration in creating the e-classroom to give access to interested participants.

The CEO explained that the classroom is to help managers of Institutions and Organizations access information via posts and tutorship. Apst Da-Silva Johnson who is equally a Proprietor of a Private School in Nasarawa State Nigeria added in his own word:

“Many managers need certain information that can drive their Organizations forward. We need to be current. The world is a global village and its no longer compulsory to sit in between four walls of the classroom before we can learn. Why do we have technology? It is to make things easy for all. Though, what we have now at ‘HEI’ is not the real system we want to operate but to start something for now”.

The Program Director for Human Enhancement Institute, Gospel Idaminabo explain how the eClassroom works.

” Those who are interested in our courses would only need to indicate interest by texting to a particular number that would be given. Reply would be sent with the token cost attached and account number to be used would be sent as well, once there is a payment proof, the potential students shall be added to the minim classroom and would be assisted daily with relevant information, questions and answers. The days or timeable for practical lectures would be given to the candidate and behold, value begins to role”.

TEC News was informed that a special training for School Managers and teachers Comes up on the 27th to 29th May, 2020. The training for Teachers comes up the same dates but at different timing.

Participants are not limited to Nigeria if interested candidates would just work on the time differences. Human Enhancement Institute is a dream school for people with dreams so said the management.