October 25, 2021


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You cant regret seeing this if you have a lot of questions on your mind

You can’t regret seeing this if you have a lot of questions on your mind.


I once listened to a great man, Pastor Sam Adeyemi who says ‘IDEAS RULE THE WORLD’. From that moment, I began to find my way through the paths of life. I began to task myself intelligently to ensure I am not barren of ideas, looking at my background and my dream for life.

The difference between Dubai that every African want to visit and their respective countries is idea. The difference between the rich and the poor is Ideas. The phenomenal difference between happy and unhappy people is ideas. Someone who is not educated can be better than the educated because of ideas. The one that dropped out of school and the one that graduated with first class can both be differentiated by ideas. There can be no influence without idea. Nothing sponsors ability like creativity. With just one idea, a stranded man can experience a sudden and lasting turn around. Grumbling , suffering and depression can all be terminated by a terminator called ideas.

You are welcome to a great life of happiness and fulfilment standing on the strength of innumerable ideas that can help you achieve more in life. Just believe and act and then you are opened up to great platform of ideas that can change your life. Nothing like fulfilling destiny.

Human Enhancement Institute (HEI) and The EXPOZER Communication (TEC) gives you the opportunity to access great ideas that can help you or someone you know that is 1. Confused on what to do 2. How to do what to do. 3. How to come out of been stranded and empty, unfulfilled. Its not just about how to generate ideas, but how to implement the generated ideas that can change your life, career, business, family, ministry etc.

The facilitator is Da-Silva Johnson, he is the Proprietor of Human Enhancement Institute (HEI), Royal Kiddies Academy (RKA), Rulers International High School (RHS) and the CEO, TEC TV (The EXPOZER Communication) Media, News and Advertising Agency. He is based in Nasarawa State and with office in Abuja, FCT , Nigeria.

Come on board on ‘IDEAS AND CREATIVITY SUMMIT’ this June.

Participate by paying just N1,000 (One Thousand Naira) Only to the account details below:




Text your number and name on bank transaction (to identify your payment) to 0701 327 6772. U can equally call the above number for any question or clarification.

You will be attended to immediately you pay and you forward your contact. All summit materials shall be forwarded to you via social media. And you shall be added to the Classroom of the institute.

Husband, housewife, student, adult, father, mother, leader, follower, etc,

Hurry Now! Activate yourself into action and then, you can never lack ideas again. See you later.