October 25, 2021


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The Executive Director of Human Enhancement Institute (HEI) and THE EXPOZER COMMUNICATIONS, Da-Silva Johnson Esq aired his opinion on the post he discovered on Facebook recently about Lt Victor Agunbiade. This was done at the Expozer Communications office in Abuja on trending platform.

Excerpts .

Lately, the name Nigeria as a country has become a challenge to be mentioned especially outside the shores of the country despite the rebranding done by previous government . In the fight against corruption, Former President Olusegun Obasanjo introduced many things including ‘SERVICOM’ or/and ‘DUEPROCESS’ . President Muhammadu Buhari and his adminitration has been fighting corruption since 2015 and the worse is still starring Nigerians in the face daily. A case where snakes and monkey swallows money. A country where dollars are found in a soak away.
Nigeria is a country where incessant killings, lack of education, lack of regular power supply, criminality such as robbery, rape and joblessness are all traceable to corruption. Nigerians are battling the menace of corruption both home and abroad. Recently in Indonesia, a Nigerian was sentenced to death due to drugs and partly, corruption.

It is so pathetic that those speaking against corruption are those outside the government or opposition party and the moment they come into power, they romance the same devil they had condemn when not amongst them. Therefore leaving innocent Nigerians to helplessness hoping for a Messiah to come safe our dear country.

However, all hope is not lost after all. With the new I saw on Facebook which is attached here below, there are still good people in Nigeria. There are still people who cherish their names above silver or gold. There are people that can still look away from dirty money. So, Corruption is not even synonymous to being a Nigerian. Stealing pound Stirling is not synonymous to being black. The Naval Officer whose story of his recent award shared on Facebook has done justice to that school of thought. He has vindicated the few good Nigerians.
All foreigners and Nations should be ware the way they treat Nigerians henceforth. We have to share this until everyone sees it. Let’s be patriotic for once.
South African hates Nigerians, nobody should tell me otherwise because that is the only reason the killing can be that much. Mali killed Nigerians. Recently, a news headline says United Arab Emirate was alleged
that Nigerians leave their country. Most of them dread Nigerians. Donald Trump in the speeches on circulation spoke about Africans and Nigeria with so much description that you wonder if he leaves in Africa or Nigeria.

Its time to tell the world there are tragic warders in Nigeria that has return found money. There are Taxi drivers that have returned found passengers money. There are ladies who are Nigerians that won’t use their bodies as exchange for money. Not all Nigerian Pastors are corrupt. Not all Professionals here are wrong influence to any society. We have sane people. We have good people. We have Godly minds too. We are Nigerians and we are not synonymous to corruption. Read the story of Lt Victor Agunbiade below.

Source: Facebook.

US Navy awards Nigeria’s Lt Victor Agunbiade for managing its N26bn well. The United States Navy has commended a Nigerian man identified as Lieutenant Victor Agunbiade for managing it’s largest overseas cash disbursement office well.

Lieutenant Agunbiade was awarded the Navy and Marin Corp Development Medal for his exemplary accountability. The US Navy said while serving as disbursing officer, comptroller department, Camp Lemonnier Djibouti from October 2019 to July 2020, Lieutenant Agunbiade managed $45 million (N17,378,550,000) dollars in cash transaction well.

According to the US Navy, the money accounted for approximately 70% of its overseas disbursing volume. The institution added that the Nigerian man also maintained 100% accountability of $23 million (N8,882,370,000) among six rigorous inspections and independent audits with zero discrepancies.

“Thank you for reading and most importantly thank you for sharing”- Da-Silva who is also a clergy added.