October 24, 2021


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The rain that started around 3am in Abuja early Saturday 25th July, 2020 has caused pain to many residents of Gwagawalada in the Federal Capital City of Nigeria as it has flooded the coastal area leaving many residents displaced and motorists that plies the Lokoja – Abuja road in total confusion as the bridge is been covered by water and debris from the flood. During an interview by our reporter, residents decries neglect of the Government since this has become a regular occurrence in the last few years.

Many people affected declined to speak to the media due to anger. Some says the media has been coming regularly each time the crisis occurs and no Agency or Government has deem it fit to come to their aid. One of the few residents simply known as Obinna who obliged our reporter said they were woken up this morning with their homes been flooded. He confirmed that the incident is not the first or second but the worse so far and pleaded that Government should come to their aid even if it is to provide housing scheme for the low income earners within the community.

Another resident identified as AyoOla Obasanya said it is a pathetic situation. He as a father of 3 young children and other members of the family in his home has been worried as where to keep the  family members.

The flood was scary and even children are so afraid as the only expression for the fear is a loud cry filtering the air.
The Expozer also gathered that the situation in gwagwalada has led to grill lock along Lokoja – Abuja Road leaving many motorist stranded and others struggling to maneuver their ways.

If the situation is not arrested speedily, not only residents would bear the brunts but the nation Economy will suffer more stress as the majority of the residents of such areas contribute immensely directly or indirectly to national economy including the travelers. In addition, it means that the road will keep been a problem to motorists as it is a major road that leads to the main Capital city and other states such as Niger, Kaduna, Nasarawa, and even far north such as the economic city of Kano etc.

Gwagwalada residents, especially those living in the coastal area of the Gwagwalada bridge who are directly affected are already seeing flood as a permanent experience that their only hope is the government and other stakeholders if only they can come to their aid.

Considering that this is July, the populace fear what will happen in the month of August when rain fall in Nigeria and especially in the Federal Capital City is usually higher.