October 25, 2021


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10 ways to become a better you amongst the youth – Da-Silva

10 ways to become a better you amongst the youth – Da-Silva.

One of the stages of life and growth we must cross is the teenage age and youthful age before old age. Is it really an issue to be a teenager? Is it really so challenging to be a youth? We are told that Teenage-hood begins at 13years and above. Youthful age begins from 18years and above. Many of the people in these categories gives so much headache to their parents and even the communities they reside and beyond it. Some are so troublesome that their attitude has indirectly killed their biological parent either the father or the mother. Their victims either goes into high blood pressure, heart attack or even fall during a chase or shock and then paralyse or die with the child not really knowing he or she is the root cause of their parent’s health condition or death. Some are disowned and begin to roam on the streets until they become harden criminals. They give so much concern to their loved ones due to the way they behave, talk, dress and the company they keep all in the name of big boy and big girls constantly echoing to their parent “I can take care of myself”, “I am not a baby anymore”, “I have grown up” , “i am big enough to take care of myself” etc.

Some indulge in sex, smoking, hard drugs, alcohol, violence, bullying, stealing, partying, gambling etc. Some even derive satisfaction in doing bad and terrible things. They are known in their schools , neighborhood and they brag endlessly.
The question is, what is wrong with such people? Could it be lack of training or excesses of training. Is it traceable to the environment they live or nonavailability of parents or guardian. Some are Orphans though and some belongs to Parents that are not responsible themselves while a lot of them comes from broken homes. Now, the act is not enough to be focused on but the end. Many drops out of school despite been brilliant and many become nothing than nonentity to the society. In their quest for more crime , some are arrested, jailed and some are even killed. It shows that what ever is responsible for their actions and way of life, they still would face their ends. For been at the bad side of life, the end is always disastrous and no parent would wish such for their kids.

How then can we help the youth? It is also a wish they are willing to help themselves too. But for the few who might want something better in life. Something more dignifying than hiding from parents, relatives or even the police, Something better than cultism and criminality etc. These article will help you become a better you or rather, a better youth.
1. Believe you can be different. Yes, it is possible if you believe in your been different. Your twin brother or sister can be bad while you chose to be good. You don’t need to be everybody. Be yourself and be in your best.

2. Believe you can be better. No matter how bad you might have been, you can be better still. Just decide for change and you will change indeed to better.

3. Be observant. Don’t be carried away with the calmness and quietness of a friend, classmate or neighbor. Most dangerous people are quiet and calmed people. If you like anyone or they like you, watch their steps closely before you accept them into your life.

4. Chose your friend. Do not submit to the pressure of been in a relationship with anyone or group without your consent after evaluation.

5. Make a best friend out of your sensible parent. They love you genuinely. Despite their constructive criticism of you, they can help you more than anyone. Share your moves, intentions, interest, movement, pressure, threats ,bully and etc with your internal best friend which could be your Daddy,Mummy, sister, brother etc.

6. Direct your interest. Yes! Be in charge of your longings and things you are interested in. Do not let your feelings move you, move your feelings. Read information, articles, books etc that will edify and make you better. Watch films and videos that will help your strong characters and not the ones that will provoke negative feelings or urge in you. What is catching your attention can lead you into internal detention before the physical incrastration. Direct your interest.

7. Obey the law of time and every other laws. Do not train yourself to be an abuser of the law either the law of the land, law of the country, family rules and personal principles. Also, obey the law of time. It says there is time for everything. Wait for the appropriate time for all things. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend, spending time with friends or hanging out, sleeping out, having sex, etc. The right time for Sex is not when you are 18yreas old but when Marriage has taken place. Nothing is good for marriage like Godly character and been married as a virgin either been a girl or a boy.

8. Pay attention to your heart. What do you think or allow into your mind? This will reflect in your speeches, dressing, hairstyles etc. You cannot be feeding on evil and not talk or look like the devil. This can also help you identify bad people in around you. After all, “…by their fruit, they shall be known”.

9. Pursue Excellence. Make excellence a priority. Academic excellence and excellence in activities and doings will make you a better person if you make it a dream. The same school where a lot of people got destroyed via cultism, sexual addictions, drug addiction, party addiction etc, others got first class and won prizes because they entered with a decision, backed with determination to succeed and excel. You are your choices.

10. Be Godly. Your godly parents would have told you severally to remember the child of whom you are. God cannot be pushed aside and we will not be pushed aside. God is the highest personality we need to navigate destiny. Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Samuel, Esther, Deborah, Daniel, Mary, Jesus Christ, Peter, Paul, Timothy etc are all children who grew into youthful age some in a strange land, slavery, wicked and lawless environment and at last, they are names many loves today.

You can write your own name on a platter of Gold too today despite the corruption and decadence in our society. You don’t need to live Like a prostitute. You don’t need to live a like a Mafia or a Don. You can survive and be successful without Yahoo yahoo, 419, cheating , or selling yourself. You don’t need to avenge the death of anyone or parent through hooliganism. You don’t need to be brained washed into cultism or joining terrorism. Just take a decision to be a better youth in your family and community. One day, your own children would thank you for it. Your generations will make reference to you for it. God will reward you for it. It is possible.

Think of those who are successful through music, acting, professionalism such as law, engineering, medicine or through artisanship. Two face idibia picked interest in the youth and he is good example of success in Nigeria. There are groups called the Malians, how good is the group to the destiny of is members. I learnt they believe in no manners, no bra, no pants, no graduation, no belt, etc. How good is the group to a man with desire to see good? Think of the Law, the Military and Police are ever available and daily busy to fish out crime. Paramilitary and other bodies are also everywhere. How long will a criminal run no matter how notorious anyone could be. Remember history of those that have been apprehended and wasted. Our youth deserves more than these.  It will always be better to be a better person.

The president and other stakeholders are however encouraged to protect our youth by creating and enabling environment for their adventure and capacities, good mentorship and moral examples, curb of criminality, job provision and attention for good education etc. Our future lies in the hands of our youth.

For you as a youth, chose this day the kind of life you desire. You are advised to avoid a life with negative consequences no matter what it offers today. I Da-Silva Johnson writing this, grew up an Orphan with no one to rescue and help me. But I did not end a criminal. I was hungry for many days and surviving the streets with only a shirt and a trouser including Sundays, yet, I survived. I made mistakes but I am thanking God today. I still need help but not through hell. I am a father and of cause, a servant of God. You can survive any storms if only you are determined. Be determined to be a batter you and you will be.

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