October 23, 2021


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Exposed: Real Reasons People are Dying in Nigeria – Da-Silva.

Exposed: Real Reasons People are Dying in Nigeria – Da-Silva.

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In the last five months, Nigeria has recorded one of the highest death rates that can better be imagined. The way people are dying daily is alarming and it appears that all the cautions being put in place by the Nigerian government are not just enough. The Executive Director of THE EXPOZER COMMUNINATION, a media organisation based in Abuja has decided to consider the issue of death in Nigeria, and his findings are worth all the considerations.

He said during his presentation that this report is worth the attention of The Presidency, the Senate, the House of Representative, state governors and all stakeholders including all Nigerians who cherish lives and want them preserved.


He said that initially, the reports of those that tested positive for COVID 19 and those that died were not really being taken to be wrong reports but because of the trend and unabated high numbers of infected people per day by COVID 19, the need to investigate further became necessary.

According to him, most of the deaths can be traceable to COVID 19 but not directly adding that a lot are indirect deaths but triggered by the same pandemic, Coronavirus.


“There are people closed to me that have died mysteriously. Some slept without waking up. Others have brief illnesses of less than two days and they passed away.


“Most of the people dying are those we believe should have what it takes to navigate the situation in the country and take care of their health however they can.


“Just few days ago, a private school proprietor was lost to the cold hands of death in Nasarawa State. A day after, another proprietor also gave up the ghost in the same state. I have read the news of many celebrities passing away including our film actors and actresses, senators and retired public servants.

`Looking at these, I have the following items as real indirect killers of our people aside from the direct killers such as terrorist groups like the Boko Haram sect and the ferocious group known as herdsmen, robbers and other criminals such as ritualists among others,” he said.


According to him, other direct killers are diseases, ailment and accidents. All the killings have a remedy but the government needs to know the next step to take to stop the wastage of lives in Nigeria,” Da-Silva Johnson said.




The following are discoveries and those affected would not argue such as it concerns them. Let’s consider them one after the other and we hope those in authority would act accordingly if they really love Nigerians. They are all linked to the lockdown and COVID 19 saga.


  1. *Hardship: We all know that even before the issue of COVID 19, Average Nigerians have been facing hardship in numerous ways. COVID 19 and Lockdown has increased this to a higher degree.


This has led to adjustment in personal lifestyle and more adjustment every month with more to still do, yet, hardship has continued to reign. Many have changed the schools of their children and wards, others who used to buy rice and other grains in bags have reduced it to half a bag, some to measures and many now buy in cups. Many have stopped certain favorite meals to just anything available.

A lot struggles with rents, extended family needs etc. Let me open your eyes that many homes have scattered, couples have separated or divorced and of cause, some men have abandon their families and ran away while some women did not just abandon their homes but some have committed suicide. Economic hardship has weakened and terminated the hope of many Nigerians.


  1. *Landlords: Many landlords are killing their tenants gradually and daily because of their incessant demands for house rent in spite of the lockdown either partial or full. Some tenants who live in the same compound with their struggling or insensitive landlords are suffering more due to emotional torment they go through.

We might not be able to blame the landlords out rightly because he or she is a Nigerian and in Nigeria too. The hardship is biting on everyone. However, others are supposed to face the music it can be faced without making life uneasy for their already yoked tenants. Demands for rent in this period are direct heart attacks to those limited and incapacitated.


  1. *Banks: Many might say that Banks are in business and must do business the way it ought to be done. COVID 19 lock down has affected many people who are also customers to the banks. But I recently discovered that most people dying today are those who are under one loan or the other.


Some of these loans are massive while some are lights, however, those who are struggling to put food on the table are finding it difficult to survive and loan payment is not an issue to them at the moment. Some of the Banks have continually sent loan payment demand notifications to their customers with threats accompanying each message.


The more the debtor receives alerts from the banks, the more the heart beats. Death through high blood pressure, heart attacks, et cetera are inevitable with those who managed to survive finding themselves being attacked by stroke.


Many die daily because of unpaid loans and regular threatening notifications from banks that contributed billions to support the government on COVID 19. The Banks can help to keep alive instead of killing the debt victims by inviting or communicating them to ascertain those who can pay and those who might not have the resources immediately.

A loan restructuring can be done while the people are duly informed. This will help calm their nerves and possibly live healthier and longer to continue to contribute to the economics of the Nation.


  1. *Other Creditors: Cooperative, friends, organisations et cetera who lend money to certain people and disturbing them this season are also killing their victims.

I have heard a family being thrown out of their house, confiscating their properties because they borrowed one million naira before COVID 19, paid 700,000 plus and remaining 200,000 plus as balance. Such families, especially the man, can get stroke, paralysed or even die under such torment.

They were taken to court and the judge ordered confiscation with no consideration for the season we are in. Lenders, we need to take it easy even though we are under the same financial stress. The dead can’t pay debt himself.



  1. *The Government: This may be heavy to be considered but factual. Any government that would not take the welfare of the people seriously despite COVID 19 is not helping matters.

It is important to alleviate the suffering of citizens and anything short will mean indirect killing of their own citizens.  I have heard a lot on this palliative and it is becoming too controversial for my liking. It’s been testified by witnesses and affected persons that the palliative was given to the vulnerable and the very poor of the poor in some countries like Nigeria.

The questions on the lips of Nigerians in her own case has been, how was the statistics done or gotten, to determine the poor of the poor? What has been the quantity or quality of what has been given? Despite the efforts, Landlords are hungry; car owners can’t fuel their cars or repair it due to damage from bad roads, among others.

Fathers cannot feed the family; mothers are helplessly dying due to worries on how to care for the family. Yet, nothing for anyone? Government is supposed to touch every life with stipends per week or monthly or else, lockdown is killing.


The government should consult the right personalities such as Religious leaders and traditional leaders who know the people under their leadership, palliatives will get to Nigerians and survival will be possible, not just criticizing the government. The non-salary earners who survive by what they do daily are empty. School owners and teachers who survive by school fees and salaries are empty, making family to be stranded and empty.

Death looms and has been killing many already. Government either intervenes further or opens up the country. This write up is not only for Nigeria but all the countries in the globe especially the ones affected by lockdown”.



I, the Executive Director and CEO of The Expozer Communication, happened to be a proprietor of private school and know where the shoe pinches.


That is the reason the private school is a case study. Many proprietors are being buried and have nothing to do with COVID 19 pandemic but everything to do with COVID 19 aftermath. This is the issue for many of the proprietors.

i. They bought the land on which the school is built as sole entrepreneur and without government support.

ii. They built the structure on loans and not the school fees which doesn’t come at once no matter the amount charged for school fees as the public believe.


iii. They pay teachers monthly no matter how many they are and face pressure when they default.

iv. They run a school where 50 per cent of learners are defaulters and others are out rightly on free education after struggling with families who cannot pay or be responsible enough to care for the education of their wards.

v. They pay taxes to the government across all levels and in fact, they face an issue of multiple taxations as well.

vi. They pay association levy and other forms of levies to survive relationships and do things right.


vii. They have other responsibilities and dependants including parents who might need their help one way or the other.


viii.  They bought their school buses on loans.

ix. They have done some community services such as roads leading to their schools or even bridges.

x. They owe several business partners, contractors, et cetera as the case may be.

All the above for many of the proprietors are through loans. For the vulnerable proprietors, the higher the loans, the higher the anxiety, and the higher the pressure on them, the faster the death that comes.


Governments can save these people and others alike across all sectors. Palliative for schools are non-negotiable and interest free loans would go a long way.

Better still, continues lockdown of schools where the same students under protection from COVID 19 are gallivanting from place to place and even state to state while some are helping their families to hawk on the streets and in traffic. Measures can be put in place for school to reopen. This should not dissuade the Government from doing the needful because the damage is done already. Even when school opens today, there is a lot to be faced but opening of Schools will further reduce stress and death”


Donald Trump said, “Open our schools and stop this political nonsense”.  I wouldn’t know the political nonsense in America, maybe it’s in Nigeria too, however, we need to correct issues in Nigeria. The president needs to protect the citizens. The Senate and House of Representative, your actions are awaited. Let’s stop more death in Nigeria”.