October 25, 2021


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National Youth: Church Focuses on Profitability in a youth Conference

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In this period where youth are facing a lot of challenges in Nigeria and many of them taking to criminality and other social vices, you wonder if there is a future for many of our youth. Criticism and condemnation have been heaped on them with no youth easily trusted today. Who is ready to help our youth in Nigeria is a question many organization finds difficult to answer each time we speak to Nigerians on the street.

Who is to be blamed for the situation around our young ones? Should it be the Government, leaders, religious Organizations, parents or even the youth themselves for the challenges facing our young minds.

A church has decided to answer some of these questions as they organize a conference that focuses on PROFITABILITY at a time where many churches organize conferences, summits and programs across Nigeria concentrating on revival, prayers, end time etc. This Church has decided to look the other way in there ongoing Youth Conference 2020 as it is themed THE PROFITABLE.

The conference which commenced on Wednesday 19th August, 2020 had the wife of the Senior Pastor, Pst Mrs Esther Da-Silva as a speaker. She spoke on the topic: Making your Profit Count, chosen text from the books of the bible in Eccl 12.1 and Matt 25.14-30. She stressed the importance of maximising the investment of God in the lives of the youth as she assured all participants that God did not create anyone empty.

The program coordinated by the youth had all officiating members as youth and it came to an end in a grand style on Sunday 23rd August, 2020 with the presiding Apostle ministering on the theme of the conference; the Profitable. Taking his reading from the book of Philemon 1.10-12, Apostle Johnson Da-Silva said that a profitable person is a defender, a fighter, a deliverer, an earner and a good doer. He gave two ways to become profitable as investment into self and embracing hardness amongst other 10 ways of becoming profitable.

In a further chat with the Presiding Apostle of Word for World Ministries, Apostle Johnson Da-Silva said in his words;

“Many of our youth are in pain and subjected to ‘trial by error’ life as many are wasting away while others are confused. Some of them are jobless and those engaged are over used with nothing much to show. Many youth are living an unhappy life due to limitation and level of education they are able to access. Criminality, immorality and dubious activities have enveloped many of them. They need help. They need to be taught and shown the way out and the way forward is essential”.

The Apostle added in his usual passionate way of speaking that

” The youth in the church are more advantageous because Knowledge is in the word of God. The word of God in our hands says we should study it to our own profit. He quoted 2 Tim 3.16. If we show the youth what is needful in the scripture, their future will not rupture says the clergy”.

With the expressions of the participants as cited by our reporter, many in attendance were seen very happy as they walked out of the program. The Youth coordinator and minister , Princess Tabitha Micheal, her assistant, Prince Augustine who took the first message both expressed joy throughout the program and as they were appreciated from the altar for a job well-done.

The apostle condemn CAMA and described it as a wrong step by the government to a wrong direction. He said “it is an error to classify the church with worldly organization. The church is a spiritual organization that cannot be subject to carnality”.

Another minister who had all things coordinated from background, Emperor AyoOluwa Obasanya commended the program.

Youth Conference 2020 is been hosted by Word for World Ministries, Aka The Royal Kindred Intl Churches located at the Conference Hall of Yukazib Guest Inn, Opposite New Jibeco Filling Station, Dagiri, Gwagwalada Abuja.

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