October 25, 2021


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CAMA: An illiterate bill senseless, the church belongs to God- Apostle Suleman.

Cama bill is an illiterate bill, senseless the Church belongs to God – Apostle Suleman.

TEC News

CAMA BILL has been top recently among trending issues in Nigeria through the media and other platforms. Many people both clergies , lawyers and other citizens have said a lot about it. Some against the bill and others in favour of the bills.

Recently, the living faith Church founder, Bishop David Oyedepo condemned the bill and he was told to go create his own country by an aggrieved citizen. Pst E. A Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian church of God also declared his stand in favour of the decision of CAN who earlier declared the bill as satanic.

In spite the heat in the country over the subject matter, the President of Nigeria , Muhammadu Buhari GCFR answered those who cares to listen by adding CAMA BILL to his record of achievement in the second term as a president.

Amongst the Pastors of churches who have openly condemned the bill, a popular Pastor who has been openly responding to National issues has added his voice to stand against the bill. Apostle Johnson Suleman, founder and President of Omega Fire Ministry with headquarters in Auchi, Edo state has described the bill as an illiterate bill, a bunch of nonsense that he wouldn’t want to talk about even though people have been questioning why he is not talking. In his word,


“Why would I talk on nonsense. The Government that will change a board of trustee in this ministry has not been born. Come now, come and do it, come and change it. Have you finished managing ministry of agric? Have you finished managing ministry of works. In this country, ministry of works is not working and you say is church

…come and try it. We will kill you with fasting and prayers. There are some things that doesn’t make sense. Let’s not rule out the fact that many pastors started church because of money. So, what you should talk about is transparency. If it should be said that churches should submit their financial reports, I will be the first to submit and will be so happy. You know why? By the time you discover that what they are making in a month is  five million and what the man is spending on people is 60 million, won’t you balance me? You will balance me now. …its not even an educated bill. CAMA Bill is an illiterate bill. You don’t appoint a board of trustee who has not been around at all and has no stake to the company. You now say you can suspend, appoint, you die. Come and try it. There are things you don’t bother to discuss. CAMA bill is an illiterate bill. If you want financial transparency, then get auditors, let them open your books. You are sending auditors, I don’t have a problem with that but that you say you will sit down somewhere and appoint a northern Muslim to become a board of trustee …”, the apostle fires.

Apostle Johnson Suleman who is known and described by many Christians as a voice of the churches in Nigeria was heard as he speaks passionately to his congregation on Sunday at the church headquarters in Auchi and as covered on live broadcast while he preached on the topic, THE DANGER OF BECOMING GOD’S ENEMY.