October 25, 2021


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Exposed: How Oyedepo, Adeboye, and some rich pastors make their wealth. Suleman.

TEC News

A midst the heat in the country over the CAMA Bill introduced recently by the government of Nigeria which many pastors have taken to the media to condemn while other Nigerians sees nothing wrong with it, the issue has continued to trigger more reactions.

Recently, a popular Nigerian pastor, Bishop David Oyedepo who openly condemn the act said the government is signing the CAMA act to steal from the church. Others said the government and those behind the idea are afraid of the wealth of the Church and therefore trying to frustrate it.

The Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries with headquarters in Auchi has told his congregation his own stand and while he condemned the CAMA act, describing it as diabolic, malicious and evil intended revealed to the church how himself and many other pastors make their money. Apostle Johnson Suleman said, pastors make their money through the people they have made over the years. He gave examples of Bishop David Oyedepo and Pst Enoch Adeboye as Pastors who make money because the people they took care of many years ago are now taking care of them.

“That is the secret to pastors wealth”. He exposed.

He spoke of himself that those he took care of 16 years ago by sending them to schools etc are the people taking care of him today and those of today will still take care of him tomorrow.