October 25, 2021


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Exposed: See why your two steps verification can’t stop hackers.


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The rate innocent people are been scammed now is alarming. Due to hunger and starvation that lots of people have been complaining each time we are on the street to monitor the state of the nations, you can then reason that the merciless guys in our society would take a lot of the vulnerable people for granted.

Sometimes past, scammers would target cash and property but now, they would also use their victims to get what ever they want. Just like robbers would steal a car in other to sale and make money but over the years, court cases and various investigations from security operatives have revealed that there are car snatched only to be used for robbery and later abandon somewhere either for recovery by the owner, the police or do not mind been wasted or stolen by another gang. Same way some criminals known to be hackers now have different reasons for hacking account numbers in other to steal the money in it or hacked telephone number in other to defraud the innocent user or other people they can link via the hacked number. The different here is that, what ever they do with any of the numbers hacked would be done on behalf of the real registered owner of such numbers making them victims for arrest and unwarranted harassment from the public or security operatives.

A resident of Lagos State identified as Francis Fadare sent a message to the Expozer Media host of ‘Get it exposed platform’, a platform where things and matters are discussed or showcased. Francis Fadare briefly stated how his number was recently hacked. He also sent another message to substantiate his point.  Read below:

“Good morning my brother, someone called me last night that he was calling from my children school. He said there is going to be a PTA zoom meeting today by 6:00PM. He sent me a code that I must send the code back to him to add me to be a participant of the meeting. This is how the fraudster hacked into my account’.

The second account as he forwarded added that the hackers can still hacked a number despite the 2steps verification on whatspps.

It reads:

” Please someone got hacked despite 2step verification. Below is how it happened.

These Hackers have realised that, almost everyone is aware of their antics on account hacking and so had done the 2-step verification.
So they’ve stepped a bit further by doing this:
They will call you after they might have studied your personality and line of interest or after they might have hacked into any group you belong and tell you that, there would be webinar/seminar/workshop/conference/zoom meeting, etc., on your group, they will tell you to watch out for a code or an ID number that will grant you access into such meetings that would either be sent to you as a text message or into your WhatsApp account.
After a few minutes, they will ask if you’ve received it and if you say yes, they will ask you to call the number out or send it back to them.
Pls, don’t call or send it back to them, just delete it immediately and block their numbers.
If you call it back, that’s the code that would be used to hack your account even with your 2-step verification.
The fraudsters are working harder daily”.

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This information is to help the populace escape the hackers and probably help in cubing the streets off the hackers. Mr Francis Fadare is one of the millions Nigerians falling victims daily.

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