October 25, 2021


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Ridiculous: Stealing and Robbery Academy? See why.

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Why enrolling your children in Stealing and Robbery Academy- Apst Da-Silva ask during a chart on the topic PARENTING AND THE YOUTH as anchored by the presenter on the Expozer Media platform ‘Discuss’, Thursday 10th September, 2020 in their Abuja Studio. In the interview, the guest spoke on few things as they affect the youth and the roles of the parents. He described the level of appetite in the youth of today and some parents are aiding the menace which spells doom in the future of the country. The clergy who has been making impact on the country through many efforts and engagements revealed an article he prepared to publish very soon as a book for everyone in other to help parenting and a built a better society. Read below the article.


“Stealing is usually frowned at by many in the societies. Not even a thief would want to be stolen from not would any robber wants to be robbed. Though lots of corrupt people in the secret condemns corruption in the open. Lots of robbers in the private criticize robbery in the public. However, many play down this shameful attitude by calling it names that are mild such as hustling, smartness and giving flimsy excuses such as taking back what has been stolen from their forefathers vengeance or collecting what is rightly theirs etc to support their ungodly acts.

Some thieves are produced by their parents unknowingly and some goes into it deliberately. Many robbers today would blame their actions on their parents and some parents actually and deliberately prepare there son or daughter for stealing and later it graduates to robbery. They built their greed and high appetite to love riches and hate poverty with passion. They now have become robbers some in kits, some in jeans, some in suits, and some in ‘agbada’ like Yoruba people would call it or ‘babanriga’ like the Hausa people calls it. This can be blamed on several reasons but blame does not quench flame.

I am Johnson Da-Silva, President of Lovemission, CEO he Expozer Media, CEO Human Enhancement Institute, a proprietor of a Private School in Nigeria and a clergy, has made my research and out of my discoveries, I shall reveal 10 things that parents unknowingly do but are catalysts to children becoming thieves thereby enrolling them in the University of stealing and robbery. Every parent guilty of any of the under listed is actually running an unregistered and informal private school named, Stealing and Robbery Academy.
1. Lack of provision. When a father or mother cannot or refuses to provide essential and basic needs for their children such as Food, clothing, footwear, quality education, attention etc the children are vulnerable to the forces of stealing because children too have taste and desire things. When they can’t have it, there is an internal riot that can lead anywhere either right or wrong.

2. Excess Provisions. When parents have so much to give their children in other to ensure their comforts and not struggle, it sometimes make them go gaga. Excess provision makes them need nothing and when you are not there tomorrow with them or you can no longer provide excessively for them, they would sort out themselves through other means since they are already used to the life of excessiveness and this include stealing if possible. It is excesses for an under graduate student to be driving to school when he doesn’t know how to raise money to fuel a car. It is excesses for a child under her parent to be using Brazilian hair sponsored by parent. It is even excesses for a child to be using uncensored android phone from primary or secondary school. Spoilt brats are breed under such an uncotrollable wealth Etc.

3. Living in lies. When parent fake their lifestyles, it drives the kids into same act. When parent borrow money to buy meat into the food prepared or borrow clothing, automobile etc to pose or live a big life that do not exist originally, the appetite of kids who learn by sights more than ears are been indirectly prepared to do same or later steal even.

4. Not checking possessions of the kids. Careless parenting is not just the non keeping of eye on a playing child but also the lack of not checking what ever is in the possessions of your children. When they return from school, who checks their bags? Who enters their rooms to check for strange things? From silent borrowing, audible stealing can become a reality when a child is not checked.

5. Preventing the kids from certain normal consumptions. This is sensitive because some parents do it in the name of teaching the child to be self controlled. This might sound good but has its implications. As a parent, when you send your child or you eat something in the presence of your children, finishing everything without allowing them have a bite or a taste leaving them to their choices either to eat , drink or not, you are building their appetite to start stealing little by little. Some don’t put meat in their children food with believes they would steal meat. Who is possibly going to steal the meat in the pot even though both can? The child that has eaten his portion or the child that saw parents eat and did not taste?

6. Indiscipline. When a child is in possessions of what does not belong to him or her and no discipline melted, that child is a student of ‘Stealing and Robbery Academy’ and the father is the proprietor and mother the teacher. When you encourage examinations malpractice or influence skipping of classes, you are indiscipline yourself and kids tend to become one.

7. Not been spiritual. When parents are not bothered about spiritual things or God, the children would definitely be available to be fathered by the devil. When parent sends their children to church or mosque while they are always at home watching TV, or they go to worship and leave kids at home to decide if they would go or not, it will tell on the kids. Moral lessons and words that refines are found in the house of God. When they are not exposed to it or encouraged them by been involved as parents, fervently serving the Lord, their kids would serve something.

8. Neglect. When parents are always busy and do not have time for their children, who caution who? Children are adventurous and can be daring, when there is no fatherly or motherly figure to caution them firmly, they grow wrongly.

9. Unguided utterances. Parents that says anything especially negative words and curses or cause their kids to become immoral and a thief. Words like “I know you will be a thief”. ‘I don’t mind stealing now if it would solve my problems”. ” Ole, robber’ etc are words that makes the kids hear it deeper and wider than the way you said it.

10. Stealing. When one of the parent or both are thieves. It doesn’t matter if your children knows what you do or not, the law of genetics would speak. When parents steals public money or from someone to feed or train a child, how can such a child be free of stealing or corruption? What happens to the law of Karma that makes one reap that which is sown?

It is important we help our young ones. Bad parenting would lead to bad youth, bad youth will produce bad society. Do not let your son or daughter whose appetite is building now go off control and become a thief or robber who might end up waste your wealth or name you have built over the years and do not allow the same child you would have trained properly be the one to kill you tomorrow. A word is enough for the wise”.

Johnson Da-Silva

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