October 25, 2021


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Sen Shehu Sanni reveal real reasons for crisis in southern Kaduna, Nigeria and why northern Nigeria will continue to be in power.

TEC News.

In the last few years, Nigeria as a nation has faced number of issues ranging between political crisis, criminality, insecurity , economic challenges etc. These have led to views and comments from many personalities and even from countries in the world. The issues have repeatedly been blamed on several factors which always attract reactions, both from those in support and those with contrary opinions.
Another personality in Nigeria has given his view on the several issues facing the country in an interview on Focus Nigeria with AIT on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 between 10am to 11am.
The personality, Senator Shehu Sanni who was a senator for kaduna central between 2015 to 2019 spoke with all calmness, number of things as he was interviewed by the host of the program, Amechi Anakwe.

Senetor Shehu Sanni reveal what he believed to be the problem of Nigeria in terms of Insecurity in Southern Kaduna, Nigeria , Power shift amongst others. In his words, he sent strong messages to the President and everyone in power.

On referendum for Constitution Amendment, senator Shehu Sanni said
” if we are to spend another 1billion and then it comes to not, we simply are doing what we use to do”. He explained that past administrations have done that with nothing to show for it except wasting resources. He however said if the nation must move forward, constitution amendment, restructuring etc are necessary.
The former senator said that “having a good driver without a good car and a good road, the driver will not go anywhere. So, having a man of integrity or a man of God in power without the right infrastructure, they will go no where”,  he explained.

On insecurities in southern Kaduna, Senator Shehu countered opinions that blamed the crisis and killings on religious reason or revenge etc, he said it is connected to the wall in between the governor of the state and the southern kaduna people. He said that Kaduna is in three parts namely Kaduna North, Kaduna Central and Kaduna South. The southern part are predominantly christians and not politically in agreement with the governor of the state and are therefore not even in talking terms, making it difficult for the governor and the people to resolve the matter. He advised that the federal government wade into the issue though not just by sending security troops and all that but to call stakeholders to discuss how to end the crisis. He gave example of people the president can call and delegate. One of the people he mentioned was the Former Governor of Kaduna State, Abubakar Umar and likes. He said that the same method can be applied in other places such as Niger State where Gen Abubakar abdulsalam and others can be engaged to find the path to peace.

The former senator thereafter said that those in power should be aware that nobody would speak for them after they leave office but their legacy and works would.

He said to the President to know that what ever happens under his administrations will be uploaded against him either good or bad.

He also said that distrust and disunity are the reasons the North will continue to be in power.

Senator Shehu Sanni was an outspoken senator and even though he has left office, he is still very much current and contributing to national discuss.