October 25, 2021


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Independence: Nigeria is 6 not 60yrs.

Nigeria is 6 not 60 years.

TEC News

As celebrations of Nigeria independence fills the air with a lot of congratulatory messages flying in from every nooks and cranny all over the world, someone has decided to reject the present age of Nigeria as an independent nation. Nigeria is being celebrated for 60 years old since she obtained her independence from the British rule on 1st October, 1960 , is the popular belief of many and all students of history. However, a clergy has said the calculation might be right be the reality is definitely odd to the existing claim.

“Nigeria is not 60 years old as being claimed by history because I think Nigeria is just  six years old if properly studied. How can you say the Nation is 60 years and there is no evidence. Someone can be released from bondage and yet remain in it by his mentality. The British might released Nigeria in 1960 but I think Nigeria did not release herself. I know that Nigeria got her freedom about six years ago when President Goodluck Jonathan was concluding the reign of President Musa Yardua. It was then men began to think real freedom and real democracy. I won’t speak more on this now but may be when opportune.

If you know the state of a six years old and that of 60 years old, you will agree with me that Nigeria is not 60 but six since I do not want to fall for the temptation of saying we are not even independent yet. We think western nations musically, in fashion, finance etc. How can you say Nigeria is 60 years when our roads do not show we have any government in place from Federal to state even local government. Federal roads are death traps. State roads are fancy coffins, while local government has no road or bridges at all. We have a nation where no respect for education or even health . we have a nation where lives can be terminated at anytime either day or night.

A portion on Gwagwalada-Abuja road

A nation where security is only for the moment you exist. Even the security providers seems unsaved. A nation that exist only for the few who are either in power or at the corridor of power. Almost every home that can afford it runs on generators with so much noise in some communities distorting thoughts and the minds of the people. Nigeria is a nation where you use less of power and you pay so much. Power company oppresses their customers. Water has moved from depending on the government to self sponsored borehole and hospitals are drugless. Inflation is out of control already and taxes on the increase with new ones being invented yearly and by just any organisation or paratatals. How can you tell me we are 60 years old while we cannot feed ourselves, cloth ourselves and care for ourselves. Many are naked and crime on the increase with no one to hold accountable. We are 60 years, and we can’t handle our issues ourselves? We are 60 sixty and the jobless increase daily? We are definitely six and not 60 years.

If we are 60 years old, we should be a shining nation. A nation that attracts the world and not repel investors. If we are 60 years old, we would be able to manage ourselves and not kill ourselves. We would have the brain to manage the economy, health, ministries, talents, education, industries etc. A 60 years old man will be thinking of God, name, legacy and not being greedy, looting and shooting with so much imprudence. Those who speak the truth are the targets of leaders and the security apparatus. An elder has capacity to accommodate insults and challenges but a six years old child cry foul always over everything. I just wish Nigeria is 60 years old then I would have hope for my own kids and the young ones for tomorrow. Nigeria need to grow. We need to make things work”.

The clergy, apostle Johnson Da-Silva, who spoke to The Expozer on the platform ‘Discuss Today’, to mark the nation independence bared his mind with passion.

Apostle Johnson Da-Silva just concluded a vigil known as Movement Service (Crossover) organised for his congregants on Wednesday 30th to Thursday 1st October 2020. The service recognised and prayed for Nigeria as from past 12am with members seen prayed fervently for the Nation while the Nigeria National Anthem was sang.

The apostle resides in Abuja and he is known to be a man that have the nation at heart. He pastors Word for World Ministries and very regular in the media.