October 25, 2021


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Exposed: see the way to avoid damaging your car gear box by the way you park your car.

Sometimes, automobile can give you a surprise that can be provoking. A case where the same car you took out in a good condition refusing to return same way. There are cases you park your car in a sound condition and the next time you need it, you are spending a furtune to revive it .

Some people are left in a state of confusion, wondering what went wrong that would have led to the bad state of the car. What did I do? Where did I go? Who touched the car apart from me? These are questions that comes to mind when the car suddenly go bad.

What we do not know is that sometimes, we damages the car ourselves unknowingly, either gradually or suddenly.

This article is to help you know the way you are damaging your car gear box unknowingly to you.

The article speaks of the wrong way to park an automatic transmission car which can damage the gearbox and send you looking for a replacement sooner than is expected.

This is a common mistake many drivers make on regular basis without knowing it. When the car is stopped many people push directly from *D* to *P* then apply the handbrake and turn off the engine. This parking is not correct. Pushing directly into the *P* gear puts the stress of the whole car on the *P* locking hole not on the handbrake. If you continue to do this for a long time, this will damage your gearbox.

The correct method is when the car is stopped, first push to the *N* gear and then apply the handbrake so that the force point of the car is on the handbrake. Next, push to the *P* gear then turn off the engine.

I am aware many of us don’t know this and have been gradually damaging our vehicle gearbox without knowing it.

Credit to Lanre and if you have any thought on this, kindly comment in the box below. After reading the above article, never commit the mistake again.