October 25, 2021


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Breaking: Nightmare in Abuja as gridock hampers traffic flow.


By: Da-Silva Johnson

TEC News

As Nigerians prepare to cross over from 2020 to 2021, Abuja residents are experiencing a nightmare as motorist who ply Nyanyan and Asokoro road are held up in a grill lock where hours are spent to cross over to Nyanyan, the outskirt of Abuja metropolis.
The road which is usually busy as the only link between Abuja, Nasarawa and other northern states of Nigeria is also a pain in the neck of motorists and residents of the Nyanyan, Karu, Maraba, Masaka areas etc, as hold up torment people on a daily basis.

Our correspondent gathered that the grill lock is connected to the ongoing repair of the road, at the bend immediately after the army barrack located along the road. It is important that road users who might not have very important activity in Nyanyan area avoid going to that axis at the moment. A driver who declined disclosing his identity advised that government should consider the masses in their decisions and operations by giving government work to those that can handle it properly and with quality job as the same spot was alleged to be repaired just about 3 months ago throwing motorists to the same frustration going on now.

It was also advised by another motorist that festive period is wrong time to repair the particular road and if it must be, it should have been done in the nights fully while an alternative road be created to help in the day time. More details later.