October 20, 2021


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Bishop Fagbohun tells PMB: Take responsibility for insecurity, calls for state of emergency, self defence in Nigeria.

Bishop Fagbohun tells PMB: Take responsibility for insecurity, calls for state of emergency, self defence in Nigeria.

TEC News

The Presiding Bishop of Old Catholic Apostolic Church (OCAC) to Nigeria and Africa, Most Rev. Dr Raphael Fagbohun, has called on the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in area of insecurity in the country.

The Ekiti born bishop made this call in an interview with the Expozer Media in Gboko, Benue State where the faithful of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church gathered for a regional conference held from Feb. 28 to March 1

“The state of security calls for a state of emergency. There is no security in Nigeria. That is just the word. ‘Olori sori lawa ba yi’ (its a Yoruba words meaning we are in a self defence era now).


“You should secure yourself. Nobody is watching you, nobody is taking care of your security. So, take care of yourself. I mean self defence, self security, self protection, and caution, self carefulness etc.


“That is the watch word. No government is providing any security for you now,” the cleric said.

When he was asked what the church can do in the face of the insecurity in Nigeria, the Abuja based Bishop has this to say.

” It is to continue being the voice of the people. It is to continue to shout. The church will not carry gun or cutlass and turn to security agency.

The church would continue to be the voice, the prophetic voice of the people. We will continue to speak to the conscience of those that are suppose to do the job because we are not empowered by the constitution to do the job”.

He further said we need the likes of ‘Amotekun’ and much more than that because we need security in terms of self defence now.

On the testimonies of some Nigerians that Mr President is trying but his aids or the cabals are the problem, the Bishop said:

“I don’t know who is trying or not trying. It’s the result I am concerned about. There is a problem under his watch and he must take responsibility. …He should do what has to be done because he is the president and he must take responsibility”.

In the interview, he told the Expozer that Christians and all Nigerians should participate effectively in politics to ensure good governance in Nigeria.

The Ekiti born Bishop brought the Old Catholic Apostolic Church to Nigeria and Africa. The church is fast growing and in most of the countries with strong presence in Nigeria, Cameron, Ghana etc.

This year middle belt regional conference of the church witnessed massive turn out with four new priests ordained by the Presiding Bishop who was in attendance with his wife.

In his message on the theme of the church for year 2021 and for the conference; ‘Surpassing Harvest’, he told the congregants to do their parts in making sure the prophecy comes to pass in their lives because they have a responsibility in fulfilling God’s word.


The host minister, Msgr Levi Terkula is the middle belt regional administrator and the head for the northern region as a whole for OCAC.

He is the head of Friends of Jesus Parish in Gboko, Benue state, Nigeria. He appreciated all participants and was backed by his wife in the program.

His wife, Rev Mrs Latifa Terkula, who spoke to the Expozer media as well confirmed the four pillars of the church and how the women are cooperating in the ministry to ensure the success of the ministry.