September 21, 2021


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Exposed: Another Catholic Movement gains ground in Nigeria

Exposed: Another Catholic Movement gains ground in Nigeria

TEC News.

The Expozer Media has just discovered another Catholic body different from the Roman Catholic Church as the church held a conference in Gboko, Benue State between Sunday, Feb. 28 and Monday, March 1, 2021.

The congregants of Old Catholic Apostolic Church (OCAC) converged for a regional conference with an open air crusade Sunday night continued the program Monday morning at an indoor fellowship meeting and mass.

Some of the things that attracted the attention of the Expozer reporter was the guest minister for the Sunday night being heard speaking in tongues and preaching with so much passion and vigour; an act seen strange to a Catholic set up. Some of the participants were also introduced as wives to the priests etc.

Speaking on these phenomena in their meetings in an interview with some of the leaders that could be accessed during the program, it was explained that the Old Catholic Apostolic Church speaks in tongues and their priest has a choice to marry if not called to celibacy.

“Our mission is to save the innocent faithful who have been in bondage of falsehood. They deserve to know the truth. Many of them have been left in the dark for too long. Some are not given access to know God for themselves.

Worshiproup discussion

“They live on what they are told and manmade doctrine that has caged them. We want them saved. That is why in OCAC, people are given the platform to grow and manifest their God given talents.

“Our people are allowed to marry if they are not called to celibacy. We want them to serve God in their best and I am glad they are eager to know God and do their best”, said by Rev Mrs Latifa Terkula.

In the words of the guest minister, Msgr Oko Micheal Oko from OCAC, Abuja, he said: “OCAC believes in four pillars of the church which include things written in the bible, things said and did by Jesus Christ himself, things done by the first Apostles and things done by the early church when there was no heresy. Anything outside these four pillars, OCAC is not a part”.

He further explains that Apostle Peter was married and why won’t priests be allowed to Marry except they are called to celibacy and that these are the things the Old catholic Church has come to correct.

During the Monday meeting and In the message of the Presiding Bishop, he told the congregants in their hundreds to buckle up and ensure that the theme of the year which is ‘Surpassing Harvest’ comes to pass and they have a role to play in fulfilling God’s word.

The presiding Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. Raphael Fagbohun after checking and passing through the necessary procedures for ordination in the ministry ordained four new priests namely Fr Joseph Iorkohol Gogo, Fr Godfrey Clement, Fr James Terwase Abuul and Fr Israel Chukwuzoba were the newly ordained.

They were seen as they started their first officiating responsibility of laying of hands and the distribution of holy communion in the programme.

The Middle Belt Region Administrator, Msgr Levi Terkula, who also is the Parish Head of Friends of Jesus Parish, Gboko and the Northern Region Head as a host of the conference appreciated the parishioners, partners, priests and friends of the ministry for turning out in their numbers in making the conference a success.

Different dancing troupes were seen taking steps in celebrations and joy especially the popular Tiv Dance steps.

In an interview with some of the participants, our correspondent gathered that the Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a church that got separated from the Roman Catholic Church few years back having discovered the need to be faithful to the teachings of the scripture. Rev Mrs Latifa Terkula further attested that the church in her empowerment programme had schools where many children were freely schooling at the moment.

She said that the Old Catholic Apostolic Church was not the same with the Roman Catholic Church or any other catholic movement. No relationship whatsoever whether financial, administrative, training or staffing.

According to her, the OCAC is autonomous. She rated the growth of the ministry as 100 per cent.

She further said they were not in a hurry to gather crowd but those that are ready to be faithful to God. In her words, she confirmed that the Old Catholic Apostolic Church believes that their priests have a choice to marry or stay without Marriage if so called. She explains that instead of Marriage to distract the work of God, it strengthens it.

Worshipers were seen jubilating and happy throughout the conference as many were prayed for with healing testimonies being shared.

From the look of things, it appears that the Old Catholic Apostolic Church has come to stay.