October 20, 2021


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Wao! See how this man analyzed the hardship of Nigerians.

It is no longer news that Nigerians have been going though hardship for some times now. Ask the people on the streets and others, you will hear lamentations beyond your imaginations. The hardship ranges from insecurity to economic and other areas of concern. This has been heaped on the number one citizen in Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari and also the ruling party, APC.

Many public servants, private sectors, artisans, professionals etc have have been complaining secretly and others openly. Solution seems to be delusion and an illusion to the entire nation.

A concerned citizen, Da-Silva Johnson, who is becoming a regular speaker on national issues has spoken again via the platform of the Expozer News. The clergy, educationists and media personality spoke on the hardship of Nigerians.

“When we say Nigerians are in hardship, take it or leave it, it is beyond what you think. I will use so many scenario to illustrate my point,” he said.

” Take Gwagwalada Abuja for an example where in the name of fixing the road, motorists are not just affected but even Gwagwalada residents and I will tell you how” Da-Silva added.

He said, “Abuja to Lokoja road at Gwagwalada point that repair commence some weeks past, has subjected not only the motorists to trauma but even the residents have been thrown into untold hardship. The people go through serious stress to go out and come in, they have been trying to cope with air pollution due to the noise, accumulated smokes and other carbon particles from vehicles of different sizes and as they blast their horns to create path for themselves or avoid blockage from other motorists. This disturbs residents who lives close to the road. Other areas of hardship the repair of that road is inflicting on the citizens include the high rate of transport fare within the community. The distance they pay a motorbike man N50 for in the past is now N150 to N200 as if they cause the daily holdup. Where is the money. Some taxi drivers would not even bother accepting to ply the gwagwalada road leading to scarcity of vehicle for passengers. Even within the town, certain bike operators would not even take a passenger going towards the area where the hold up is holding motorists to Ransome.

Due to the road repairs also, water pipes are being damaged by the contractor and residents suffer daily to get water and some buy a lot of water depending on the size of family or line of business.

The one that is most concerned is the way lives are possibly being lost on that road as it becomes almost impossible for vehicles to pass through the hold up under emergency situations like rushing a beloved who might be under a critical condition to the hospital. Such might lead to the death of someone’s child, spouse, parent etc.

The questions most people interviewed on the street have been asking are ‘is this how things are been done oversea where because of road repair, residents and motorists spends days in truama’. Do we have a government? Etc.

It’s being speculated that the work will last for more than three months while others said six months.

DaSilva said , a leader that cares about the citizens would not do that. He sited an example where Ghana president queried, order arrest and sanction of the workers building a project that affected the road where people go through . The president lamented the insensitivity of the engineer for allowing motorists suffer simply because they are building.

How can the government of Nigeria allow the kind of hold up along Abuja road, a federal road for that matter and as closed as Gwagwalada. How can the government not bothered about what people are going through on the road. Some blame it on ministry of works, some blame FEMA and others blame Dantata construction company alleged to be handling the contract.

The story is almost the same at Maraba/Nyanyan Road, Mandalla to Suleja Road, Okenne to Okpella road, Lokoja town etc.

Da-Silva said he was forced to reason that the little things around such as road, power etc attest to how insensitive the government is to the residents and citizens of Nigeria. This he said could be proven wrong or right in just one week.

Saying this on the platform of ‘The Discuss’ on TEC Media, the personality who means different things to different people spoke about a group that has been defined as National Interest Network (NIN) where he is a member. He said, Nigeria leaders need to be more sensitive to the needs and plights of Nigerians. Nigerians are not asking for two many things, give them Security, Power and Roads, the citizens will be in their best.

“These hardships cut across. Hunger, light,water, petrol, joblessness etc. How will it end if the government won’t see it as a plague on the people.

This is a typical example of how Nigerians are suffering. How will Nigerians not be poor or frustrated. A journey that would have been 2-3 hours in the past has become 6-7 hours today. The journey of 6-7 hours has become 24hours. How would Nigerians make a trip and return to base withing a day? How would economy grow? Those that can’t access power supply, how would they work legitimately and make income? Etc. The citizens are calling with a loud voice that government should rise and call the relevant people or agencies to order”, he said.