October 25, 2021


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Insecurity: Sincere NASS members should resign, forfeit allowances – Group

TEC News

The National Interest Network , an NGO, has called on the National Assembly members, who are sincerely against the state of insecurity in the country to resign individually if the National Assembly cannot shut down.

The group National President,  Hon Johnson Da-Silva, who said this on his Facebook page Tuesday evening said that Individual senator should pep up their action personally to protest against the level of insecurity in the nation.

Da-Silva was speaking on the recent video in circulation on social media where Senator Smart Adeyemi was asking the President to rise to the occasion and curb insecurity in the country.

“In as much as I appreciate the senators concerned and passion the way they were suggesting the shut down of the National Assembly if the issue of insecurity in Nigeria cannot be resolved, I will suggest that those really sincere amongst them and irritated by the state of insecurity in Nigeria individually step aside, forfeiting all salaries and allowances until they return when the security of the nation improves.

It is the duty of the National Assembly to act promptly on national issues and on the matter of insecurity, decisive action from them has been long overdue.

If serious minded lawmakers can act by stepping out of the chamber in protest against the abnormalities in the country, where the executives seems not to respond to their pleas if any, declaring their allowances forfeited for the period of their withdrawal, it will go a long way.

By this, they would have proven to the President and Nigerians that they were not pleased to remain in the allowed chamber while killings and criminality remain unabated”.

He expressed regret that the state of insecurity had gone beyond words but require serious actions that can aid other necessary actions from all possible quarters to save the nation.


National Interest Network is an NGO that supports national development ideas and polices and an enemy to the enemies of the nation.