October 20, 2021


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Insecurity: Kaduna also under siege, not only Borno – Group

Insecurity: TEC News!

The National President of National Interest Network, Johnson Da-Silva says that Kaduna is under a siege with all indications.

Da-Silva, a public analyst said apart from Borno State that has been under regular attacks almost a decade ago, Kaduna is the next hot spot town in Nigeria where insecurity had been a daily experience.

Apart from Kaduna roads becoming a danger zone, where even motorists ply with fear of Kidnapping etc, schools, hospitals, homes and other points have been attacked with people killed and kidnapped.

Southern Kaduna and some other parts of the states have suffered repeated and countless attack where women, children, young and old people have been slaughtered making villages to be fled and farms deserted.

As noticed, the people have cried countless times to the governments both state and Federal and commensurate efforts have not been recorded to end the insurgency or perpetrators captured.

The recent development, where schools in Kaduna are no longer safe is worrisome and require speedy and intelligent actions from the government, security operatives and all stakeholders.

Nigeria development has stopped since insurgency began and now, Nigeria is on a reverse lane economically and productively.

Growth, development and prosperity are impossible where peace and safety are inaccessible.

Even the President would be confused daily on what action to take”. “Nothing kills potentials like fear”, he added.

National Interest Network is not condemning or blaming anyone on this matter and if we must blame anyone, it would be that we will blame all.

Our national character, culture, religious system, political structure, The constitutions, individual attitudes, resources limitation, system of governance, priorities etc are all factors to the state of the nation today.

However, the President, the Senate, the Reps, the Advisers, the ministers, the security chiefs, the State Governors, Commissioners, Traditional Rulers etc has a lot to do to curb this menace.

Nigeria need to have peace. Kaduna need to overcome the siege. It is possible if we are serious. His excellency, Governor Nasir El-Rufai needs better strategies to curb the insecurity situation in his state.

Kaduna as a commercial city has now been commercialised by bandits through kidnapping. It is not good enough. The situation is beyond , ‘I won’t negotiate with bandits’ according to the governor. He has to go beyond that and act wisely to defeat his challengers.

The National President plead with different religious bodies to help using their altars and platforms to preach moral, peace and goodness above all because some of the bandits are either Christians or Muslims. He also pleaded with the bandits to consider lives as more important than their ambitions.
NIN is a nongovernmental organization with National Interest at heart and the goals are towards a better nation.