October 20, 2021


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National Interest: Movement to address challenges of Nigeria birthed in Kano

TEC News

Mr Da-Silva Johnson, has inaugurated a movement known as National Interest Network (NIN) in Kano with the mission to address the various challenges confronting the nation.
Johnson, who is the national president of the network, said that the new movement was birthed to address the challenges of the nation and ensure a better society.

According to him, the National Interest Network is a movement of people with like minds ready to stop the evil trying to stop our children from accessing the Nigeria of their dreams.
The National President said that the network was ready to work with stakeholders in Kano State and beyond to achieve its objectives.

“We shall work with the Executive Governors, State Assemblies, Judiciary, Ministries and Parastatal in accomplishing the goals of our constitution making economy, development and prosperity of the citizens a reality.
“We are raised to work with the security operatives for a safer Kano State, educational institutions for the learning of our youth and bring health, power and justice nearer to the people.
“We are raising NIN today in Kano to be a voice to the voiceless in Kano State.
“We shall work with men and women of honor either in business, politics, religious etc,” he said.

Johnson said that while others might fight with weapons, the movement would strive to win with wisdom, adding that the network was on a mission to bring about a better Nigeria.
According to him, NIN is not a political party but ready to work with all the political parties that have national interest at heart.

The newly installed Kano State Chairman of NIN, Honourable Salisu Tukur, appreciated the national executive council members, pleading that the good vision be sustained and cautioned against diversion for personal benefit.
Part of the activities included the National President presentation of an Ambassadorial appointment letter to the NIN Ambassador in the state in person of a political stalwart, Ambassador Rabiu Baba Nagebu, who attended the inaugural ceremony briefly.

He thanked the National team and promised to give his best to the network.
Dignitaries in the programme included the NIN National Women leader who is based in Kano State, the National Vice President, Honorable Girgir Isreal Girgir, the National Secretary, Hon Francis Alaku, the P.A to the National President, Hon Lawrence Lazarus D, the North Central Chairman, Hon Orogu Abbé and the Benue State Chapter Chairperson, Hon Franca Irokyase M and the host of others such as Educationists, Lawyers, Politicians etc.

NIN has been inaugurated in Benue, Nasarawa and Kano State within a month and TEC News gathered that the team are on their way to Kaduna State for the inauguration of the State taking place Sunday 11th July, 2021. NIN is spreading very fast across the nation, TEC crew gathered.