October 25, 2021


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Mysterious fire oozing out of a fresh tree in Oyo community.

TEC News!

The residents of Iganna community near Ayede in Iwajowa Local Government Area in Oke Ogun, Oyo State, woke up in the morning to meet a fresh tree with very greenish leaves on it oozing out flame of fire from a major hole on the body of the tree.

Just like the biblical burning bush, when God called Moses where bush was burning yet it was not consumed, this mysterious tree which people believed started burning in the midnight still continues to burn till day break without being consumed as its leaves are still fresh in spite of the flame, held some people up from going to their destinations as they waited on the roadside watching the strange happening.

This incident as captured in a video in circulation on social media was beyond human imagination.

However, many of this type of strange incidents have been trending for some times now globally.

There are cases of animal giving birth to strange things or human like creatures, different images of human beings in the sky, a mysterious river that came into being overnight, water gushing out like tap from sky and many more.

That of Siamese twins and has to be separated through operations with battle to ensure success is no longer a news.

In Iganna community, Oyo State, this strange incident is one of the reasons the narrator encourages people to praise God who is seen always doing mysterious things.


It is easier for dry tree to burn or produce flame but not fresh tree. This incident some spiritual people believe its one of the signs that the end of the world is near.
Some, however, believed that the tree harboured evil and that is why it was on fire mysteriously.

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