October 24, 2021


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Dunamis Saga: Lawyers lament flouting court orders by DSS.

TEC News.

Human Rights lawyer, Tope Tomekun and solicitor to the Dunamis five arrested and in the custody of DSS has lamented the repeated flouting of court order by the DSS to the refusal to release the five arrested in spite of two times court order for them to be granted bail unconditionally.


Tope said this on the daily bulleting program of AIT on Kaakaki through an online interview on Tuesday. He explained that the federal high court and the magistrate court gave order that those arrested for wearing a T- shirt with the inscription “Buhari Must Go” be granted bail unconditionally and yet still being kept in custody.


In the same vein, his counterpart Victor Giwa, who was brought into the same studio as well also responded by lamenting the same act of flouting court order. Victor said a court was not expected to listen to anyone who has been ordered by the same court until the last court order is obeyed.


He said, that “the different between the market place and the court of law is court order and when it is not respected or obeyed, it gives birth to impunity, anarchy and abuse of power”.

Victor advised that courts should begin to implement the provision of the law and give direction to anyone or group who flaunts court order the way to prison.

As at the time this report is being filed, the DSS has not responded to the allegation as they were not represented in the studio and effort to get their reaction is still ongoing and the public shall be informed on progress as soon as possible.