October 25, 2021


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Uproar as 1 shot dead, 6 injured during church demolition in Maiduguri.

Uproar as 1 shot dead, 6 injured during church demolition in Maiduguri.

TEC News!

Christian community in Maiduguri, Borno State Capital has been thrown into an unexpected mourning as one youth was shot dead and six others wounded during a demolition of EYN church in Maiduguri.

The exercise which was allegedly coordinated by Borno Geographical Information Services (BOGIS) headed by engineer Abbakar Bababe on Tuesday, 5th August, 2021, took place at the Maiduguri Metropolis where the bulldozer demolished EYN Church in the area.

The Reverend in charge of the Eklisiya Yan-uwa a Nigeria (EYN) church also known as The Brethren in Nigeria, Reverend Auta S. Ndahi, told our reporter that the church building which was under construction and at lintel level was billed to accommodate 500 worshippers after completion.

When asked there if the church had been served a notice prior of demolition before the commencement , Reverend Auta said no official notice was given.
“Last week Thursday, some people came to the project and wrote ‘stop work’. We contacted the DSS office, where we were advised to wait for a letter to that effect if the action was genuine. We further involved our lawyer, who said that if the action was genuine, a letter to that effect would be sent and then, he would have a reason to respond.
We were subsequently advised to ignore the ‘stop work’ post taking it to be ingenuine. Today, we were shocked when we got the information that the church building had been brought down after seizing the handsets of the labourers on site preventing them from calling us for necessary action.

It was when they were through demolishing the church property and were leaving the workers started demanding their handsets which led to the violence that erupted and the JTF team opened fire on the workers killing one instantly and six wounded”.

Rev Auta said the property was legally purchased with Certificate of Occupancy given to them and that informed why they were surprised at the demolition exercise.

The PFN Chairman for the State confirmed the incident while effort to speak to the Nigerian Police and the DSS Maiduguri is ongoing as the person contacted at the DSS decline comments.

When contacted on phone, the Borno State CAN Chairman, Bishop Williams M. Naga also could not speak over the matter as at the time this report is being filed.

Reverend Auta said that the church had been operating in the areas since four years now. The incident took between 9am to 11am Thursday 5th August, 2021. TEC News shall update you as matters arises.