October 25, 2021


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Politicking can never do anything good for the nation – Popular Bishop says.

The Presiding Bishop of Old Catholic Apostolic Church (OCAC) in Nigeria, Bishop Raphael Seun Fagbohun, has said that the politics mentality could never do anything good for the nation.

He said this in his message titled ‘ Bad Good news’ using 2nd Samuel 18. 1- end during a service in Abuja.

He gave an example of Absalom who decided to be an enemy to his father, king David, chased David out of the kingdom and shortly after, Absalom was reportedly dead which was suppose to be a good news to David but king David cried so loud meaning to David, it was a bad news.

Bishop Raphael said that many a times, those we love do not favour us. He said no nice person could effect a positive change because he would want to please men and become sentimental.

He said that was why he believed that politicking could never do any good for the nation considering the mentality some Nigerians possessed.

“Politicking can never do anything good for the nation because large number of politicians wants to show off or they like to please certain people. They want to gain acceptance and in the process, cannot drive for change,” he said.

The Bishop, who spoke passionately to his congregants, told them the need to maximize the blessings received during the just concluded retreat for her leaders.

The church just marked its seven years anniversary as the New Year is themed, perfection.

He encouraged everyone to expect God as He perfects everything that concerns them and told them to expect the manifestation of the theme of the month, being the month of August as month of Good News.

The main message is hinged on the fact that goodness might come in form of bad news or bad event as most good news in the bible came with terrible and unwanted event.

Members of the church were seen happy as they worship God , and danced to rhythm that aided genuine worship while the church closed with an anointing section.