October 25, 2021


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Afghanistan aftermath: Restructure or Breakup, Man tells Southern and Middle belt Nigerians

Restructure or Breakup, Man tells Southern and Middle belt Nigerians.

A United Kingdom based Nigerian, Dr Israel Nonyerem Davidson has given a counsel to the South and Middle Belt parts of Nigeria to go for restructuring or breakup and let everyone walk away.

Dr Israel who is a lecturer in the United Kingdom said this on a 9mins, 18seconds video post he made on social media Monday 23rd June, 2021.

He used the recent development in Afghanistan as an example of what he believes awaits Nigeria soonest with consideration for the rising insurgents that has remained unabated. He said there is no more time as Boko-Haram, ISWA and Fulani herds men can strike any moment with the way they are been integrated into Nigerian army with excuses hinged on repentance and reintegration of these terrorists into the Nation security system.

Dr Israel says, since Afghanistan was tagged the number one most terrorized country in the world and Nigeria is number 3, the terrorists can easily take over the nation and group on the world it would be easier for them to capture the country with little or no resistance.

Dr Israel then admonished Nigerians to support dialogue and ensure the restructuring of Nigeria or settle for a break up.