October 25, 2021


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Save Nigeria now, group leader cries out.

The leader of National Interest Network, Da-Silva Johnson has written to meaningful Nigerians through a media house ‘The Expozer’ Media and his Facebook page asking every stakeholder of the Nigeria project to save the Nation from slavery or extinction.

The letter content as displayed below tagged #SafeNigeriaproject stated how fast the nation is going down the drain daily. See content below:


We are loosing Nigeria and Nigerians gradually.

Looking at the present situation of Nigeria and Nigerians, I am forced to seek the attention of many like minds and those who love Nigeria sincerely to do whatever in their power to save the Nation. Nigeria is the only country Nigerians have. No matter the citizenship of any nation we have claimed, Nigeria is by blood to us either paternally or maternally.

I call on Professors who can help with their pens and journals, the politicians who can help with their political offices, the clergy who can help from the pulpits and worship centers, the prophets who should prophesy to the nation, the rich who can use their money to sponsor good causes towards national interest, after all, there are sponsors of evil and battles with unspeakable interest, why can’t good causes be sponsored?

I call on the security personnel to work for national interest. Groups or institutions such as NBA, NASS, Religious Institutions, Political Parties, NGOs, Unions etc are please charged to do more. The youth, students, business men and women, Please, we all have roles to play to save Nigeria from collapsing or from been ‘extinctionized’. If there is no Nigeria, there will be no you to be whatever you want to be nor would your children and loved ones exist.

Many things are provoking in Nigeria that we have to desist in blaming just President Buhari or any other leader. Left to me, I will blame NASS, House of representative even faster than the executive arms. They have a lot to do that the president won’t have option than to respond. Our big problem is negative and selfish loyalty to political parties and greed on the part of the masses. Aftermaths of frustrated and perverted #Endsars are still on ground due to greed. Why, Nigerians, why?

This is one of the many reasons some political class loves to keep the masses poor because it leaves them at the mercy of their stipends. I only wonder how leadership are not moved by blood of the innocent women and children. I wonder why resignation cannot cross the mind of failed government. I just wonder why deafness is so strong in leadership that the cry of the masses matter not.

See how the blood of the innocents are painting the streets and the walls of houses daily leaving love ones in agony. Widows, widowers, orphans, motherless and fatherless are increasing daily due to cruel murder. I always ask myself, these killers, where are their own loved ones and if they are murdered cruelly like they do to others, how would they feel? Is the killing traceable to hatred, religion, desire for power or mare wickedness? Is the kidnapping for acquisition of wealth, show of power or a business venture?

I plead with the unknown gun men, Fulani herdsmen, Bandits and other terrorist group in Nigeria to please stop the bloodshed an tell federal government the exact thing they want. Either through counter terrorism operations, dialogue, negotiation or whatever, killing just have to stop.

We are not even just undoing ourselves but foreigners are also insulting our collective sense of reasoning. Saudi Arabia has the got to start recruiting Nigerians striking Doctors in Nigeria and many are busy amassing wealth and quiet when the government security outfit should have rounded them up in that Sheraton Hotel in Abuja. Many don’t care.

NDA attack is not the news. Adoption and killing of officers is not the news. Doing it and escaping with it is the news. As far as I am concerned, if NDA can be treated that way, ASO rock is very cheap to invade. It is from Barrack securities in the Villa are selected. Barrack is the depot of simple or ferocious security personnel. NDA is not just a barrack but that of complete defence personnel of Army, Navy, Air force etc. Someone is saying Afghanistan scenario cannot be possible in Nigeria that is the 3rd highest of terrorism in the world after Afghanistan and Iran ranking 1st and Second respectively. It is even possible that it happens in Nigeria quicker ahead of Iran. Yet, leaders are busy throwing elaborate weddings and intimidating other poorer ‘about to wed’ couples.


When that time comes, even if there are politicians supporting or fueling these atrocities might not escape death but can suffer betrayal. We have no reason selling Nigerians. Why are we like this? Who really has done this to us?

Suffering and smiling like late Fela put it. So intelligent but full of cowardice. Many preachers are quiet. Only few called prophets to the nation are talking because they fear harassment, imprisonment and death. Elder states men and women are doing what? Parties that should act are scheming for the next era of vacancy of the number 1 seat in the presidency. Opposition parties that should help the nation talk and hammer for change is busy with internal rancor of leadership. We are losing Nigeria gradually.

Many fake bottled and packaged liquid are out there as we see on social media regularly. Ordinary biscuits is bought with fear. Power failure with increased tariff. Health system is down. Legal system are been sabotaged daily. Food production so low due to the killing of farmers and the wastage of our farm lands. Fuel price on regular increase despite subsidy. Inflation so high that some Nigerians eat practically from the wastes on the street.


Prostitution on the increase even many housewives are compromising their morality. So many young boys and Girls are seen daily on our streets begin in the name of transport fare to continue their journey while some women beg using their children. Landlord frustrated by tenants and many tenants dying daily for the fear of landlord and other debts.

What is going on? The Media is intimidated regularly. Civil servants are living from hand to mouth but politicians children are living in affluence. Those generating taxes are different from those spending the taxes. Our soldiers and other security operatives are dying daily.

Educational system is not better either. How many graduates can construct a complete sentence without error, even some of their lecturers? Because appointment into offices or even admission into institutions are done by ‘legis, now and not by merit any longer.

Politicians and motivational preachers and speakers have so much wet the appetite of our youth that they want to hammer at all cost making them go into Yahoo-Yahoo and other criminal activities.

Let me just stop here because the challenges are innumerable. All that are concerned and want to see Nigeria remaining Nigeria and possibly a better Nigeria should raise their voices and do everything doable now or else, the rest becomes a story that the world would likely watch in their homes like we are watching Afghanistan now.

Come to the aid of Nigeria please.

I speak for National Interest Network…towards a better nation”.

Da-Silva Johnson who also is an ‘educationist’ and cleric comments on national issues regularly and the growth of the network he is leading is rapid. For your feed back, drop your comment below or email the network: ninteam101@gmail.com.