January 15, 2022


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Exposed: How to escape fallen a victim to buying of stolen property.

Exposed: How to escape fallen a victim to buying of stolen property.

TEC News.

We do business daily and exchange of goods and services are regular activities in our daily commercial life.

Due to the economic situation in our nation, the possibility of marketing and buying stolen properties is very high.

Many people experience loss of items and so many have woes of tale to tell if asked about been robbed of personal belongings etc.

There are hoodlums who are based on pick pocketing and some are burglars who go from house to house stealing the personal belongings of unsuspected victims.

Some of these robbery operations or theft are done silently or discreetly either in the day or at night while others are done confrontationally via physical attack by robbers who sometimes operate with arms.

The goods stolen or robbed ranging from Telephone devices, Electronics gadgets such as DVD, Mps, Television, Decoders, Air-conditioning, Refrigerators etc, others are gas cylinders, motorbikes and even cars.

These thieves or robbers now begin to find buyers and takes the stolen items which sometimes might not have receipt of purchase from person to person with intention to exchange for money at a price.

Anyone buying then falls a victim of buying stolen properties and in Nigeria, buying stolen property is a criminal offence.

Many have landed in serious trouble for buying stolen property while a lot of people have been jailed and life savings and personal properties lost completely.

Since it is possible for people to sell their personal belongings to raise cash and also those who stole the items they are to sell won’t disclose their identity as thieves but would have to cook stories that would not make them look suspicious, it is then necessary to escape their skirmish whenever they come.

If you must buy any of these items you cannot be sure the seller is the owner and did not steal the materials and even if he or she owns it, you can escape any frame up , trap or shadiness surrounding the transaction.

Using the recent situation of Olowu who bought a stolen materials from Chidinma Ojukwu, the alleged killer of Usifor Ataga, the late TV house owner, as a lesson, taking the following precautions would help prevent you from been a victim of stolen property or exonerate you even if you fall victim of arrest.

1. Demand for receipt of purchase.

In most cases, receipt are issued out when purchasing takes place but there is also possiblity that anyone can misplace receipt which means the followings can still be of help.

2. Demand for container in which the devise came if it’s a potable devise.

Either you see or can’t see the above two items, still ensure you:

3. Demand and make a photocopy of the seller’s government approved source of identify such as National Identity Card, National Drivers Licence or Voters Card.

4. Collect information that tallies with identify given such as Full name, Residential Address, Contact Numbers, Occupation and address and Serial number of the item to be bought.

5. Take a picture of the seller and save in your phone while you print out copy later to avoid loss if anything ugly happen to the phone.

6. Find out the main and present market or price value of the material to be bought to compare with the offer given.

Do not celebrate a very wide gap in price offered you. Example, if market price is N500,000 and the offer given to you is N200,000, you need to smell a rat.

You can use Google or call a friend somewhere to check market price.

Thieves can sell a material worth N300,000 for just N20,000 when desperate and when you are roped in, 1million naira might not help you come of of the web.

7. Write agreement stating the proof of ownership of the item by the seller, amount sold and ensure at least a witness or two for yourself signing the document and then you can pay using transfer even when you have cash in your hands and if possible.

Do not let the item so attract you that you ignore the above advice. Do not let the price been very cheap to lure your interest and ignore precautions.

Do not be carried away that you can’t find such an item of such quality and such amount anywhere again unless that particular one. Do not mind the resistance of the seller and if he or she likes, let there be no transactions again believing your conditions are too stressful. It tells you that you are likely unsafe if you go ahead.

Do not let the enemy get you cheaply.

Now you know. Endeavour to help someone by passing this information to them. The days are evil.


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