January 15, 2022


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Fix Nigeria or Leave. Group tells those in power.

Fix Nigeria or Leave. Group tells those in power.

TEC News

The National President, National Interest Network, H.E Da-Silva Johnson, has urged those in the helm of affairs in the country to fix it or leave for those who can.

The group leader, who is an educationist, entrepreneur and clergy, said this in a chat with a presenter of the Expozer Media and News on the platform ‘Discuss Today’.

He complaint that the situation was not palatable and it’s getting worse by the day.

“I am angry, my group are not happy at all because of the situation we face daily in Nigeria. I have members from almost every community In this country and we feel the pains per day.

Our members directly or indirectly experience kidnapping, rape, robbery, attack and death of beloved as regular as it happens in Nigeria daily.

Government and political office holders have not apprehended anyone with proof of prosecution till now.

Our security operatives are trying their best but no justice provided till now in spite of all our investment into the security and judiciary system in Nigeria.


How can you keep blaming past administrations. How can you keep playing hanky panky with Nigerians. How can you keep assuring us of safety and justice daily while nothing tangible has been recorded.

How is the state of economy and dollar exchange right now? What can anyone say about regular power supply across the country. What would anyone say about going to bed or traveling daily with peace of mind and safety. Do you know our inflation rate right now? The recent inflation report released by the NBS shows that the country’s composite Consumer Price Index rose by 16.63% year-on-year to 396 index points in September 2021 from 339.5 recorded in 2020.


Many things are not affordable to many Nigerians now. People are only feeding maybe once or twice daily. Many cannot feed their pets or build houses anymore. Hardship has even turn many morally sound ladies including some married women to semi-prostitutes and full blown whore in the name of meeting personal or family financial needs.

Some young men are now thieves and into criminality, while the older ones are dying daily due to high blood pressure, heart attacks and diseases or sicknesses they can’t treat due to cost of medication within and outside the country.

We have more widows, widowers, orphans and either motherless or fatherless Nigerians in the country now than ever.

Poverty and hunger in operation or worse, insurgency and banditry eliminating innocent and unarmed citizens.

The state of the nation is chaotic and needs serious minded people to act now”.

The very passionate speaker and guest to the studio said that leadership has no excuse than to deliver.

“You cant be elected because of the promises you made or be appointed because you claim to have the technical know how and getting there, you begin to give excuses that cannot help anyone.

If you cannot help us, leave us. If you cannot solve our problems, honourably resign and stop compounding our problems. It is better I know I don’t have a security guide out there and sleep with my conciousness that to assume I have and sleep into death.

I am not interested in running for any political office in this country no matter how low or high but am interested in a better Nigeria. I am an indigene of this nation and my children deserve peace and prosperity in their father’s land. Please, to anyone of you out there and the political parties, fix Nigeria now or leave Nigeria for those who can fix it”. Fix security. Fix the health sector. Fix the economy. Fix Education. Fix Power. Fix our roads and keep them safe. Fix our refinaries. Fix our industries. Fix all these or leave. They are not too much to ask. Nigerians deserve the best and have been so patient with our government. I salute the understanding of Nigerians please keep it up. Our government shall respond soon because I believe they still have hearts and conscience. But I make this passionate appeal, pleas to those in charge of the country, ministries, parastartals, agencies, states, local governments etc, fix Nigeria or leave.


Da-Silva Johnson is the National President of National Interest Network, a group known to be with just one focus which is towards a better nation is busy daily helping the nation in various ways.